We鈥檙e totally aware that Kate Middleton is fabulously fashionable and an absolutely adoring mom, not to mention a loving wife and trend-setting Duchess. But what we didn鈥檛 know is that she has a secret. A secret hobby, in fact. And not only that 鈥 there鈥檚 a very good chance that you share Kate Middleton鈥檚 secret hobby. We can almost guarantee it.

So how exactly does the Duchess of Cambridge spend her downtime? Well, it may not be so surprising, considering she鈥檚 the mother to two little ones and her hobby of choice is wildly popular at the moment. That鈥檚 right, we鈥檙e talking about coloring. Or more precisely, adult coloring books.

It was actually Prince William who revealed the personal deet while presenting an Order of the British Empire (OBE) to illustrator Johanna Basford at Buckingham Palace, according to the Telegraph. 鈥淧rince William actually said that his wife likes to color in the Secret Garden, which was really sweet,鈥 Johanna admitted, speaking of her first adult coloring book which has sold over a million copies.

We love the thought of Kate chilling in Kensington Palace with a table full of crayons coloring in some sweetly whimsical scenes.

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(h/t The Cut)