Beauty and the Beast has been taking over nearly every aspect of our lives as of late, from our music with its killer soundtrack (which features the likes of Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, AND John Legend), to our beauty products with its themed skincare. The newest craze sweeping the net, however, is all about that enchanted rose.

Beauty and the Beast _ Belle _ Enchanted Rose

We told you how you could get a lifelong version with Forever Rose’s newest creation — roses which are said to live forever when protected in a glass dome (unprotected roses will live up to three years) — but if you can’t shell out the $275 bucks it will cost you to snag one, there is another option: IF you’re willing to wait for it.

A plastic cup version with a light-up stem is being sold for $15 at Disneyland’s Red Rose Tavern, but here’s the catch: The cup has gone viral, meaning you’ll have to wait in line for quitttttteee a while to snag one.

In fact, Instagram user @kanateu waited in line for nearly two hours to get his hands on the goods, with others reportedly waiting up to four. It very well may have been worth their efforts: The cup is now going for anywhere from $19 to $150 on eBay right now.

Wowza! That’s some seriously expensive plastic. We guess we better not put this one in the dishwasher!

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(h/t Seventeen, photos via Disney)