We’ve always had fashion icons such as Helen Mirren (who rocked a Prince tattoo to last year’s White House Correspondents Dinner), the always outspoken Meryl Streep, and 63-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Christie Brinkley around to continually remind us that age is nothing but a state of mind with regard to style and beauty.


But we have to give it up to lingerie brand Lonely, as the New Zealand label is breaking all kinds of beauty stereotypes with its newest campaign, which launched just yesterday. Featuring Mercy Brewer, the ads showcase a beautiful woman in beautiful undergarments, who also just so happens to be in her mid-50s.

“Introducing Mercy, our incredible muse for our new campaign launching today. We can’t wait to share more with you,” the brand wrote of its latest star via Instagram.

Though her age is being reported as between 56 and 57 (depending on your source), the bottom line is, Brewer’s photos are ageless.

“Mercy’s life is so rich and interesting, embodies the Lonely spirit so perfectly, and so became the muse for our latest campaign,” the brand’s co-founder and designer Helene Morris was quoted on Instagram. She sees Brewer’s age as a celebration of life, a viewpoint the fashion industry often opposes, as Morris pointed out in an interview with Stuff. “The beauty and fashion industries are so obsessed with youth, but the reality is we are all aging, and there are so many wonderful things about growing older,” she mused.

Instead of focusing on age intervention, as Morris said brands so often do, she wanted her brand to reflect something a little more real. “At Lonely, we feel that it is important to challenge what we see in our media with a more authentic reflection of beauty and hope to grow people’s visual vocabulary,” she told the outlet.

As for Brewer, she had her own thoughts on beauty and age, saying, “Aging can bring a quiet confidence unknown in youth, and what use is beauty without the confidence to recognize it in yourself?”

She told Stuff that now is the time to embrace that beauty, saying, “I believe we are in a moment in time where older women’s beauty has been a startling revelation. If we don’t recognize it, we, every one of us, deny ourselves a future to look forward to.”

We, for one, couldn’t agree more, and think her shots are absolutely stunning. Bravo, Mercy and Helene. Bravo.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via Lonely)