Since May, name enthusiasts around the world have been pouring over the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular names for 2015. Though the high-ranking boy’s names from last year are mostly classic, timeless choices, a few new trends have emerged. In recent years we’ve seen cool names ending in –s, like Silas and Elias, rise for the guys. We’ve also seen an upswing in lively “o” ending names like Milo and Leo. We’ve also taken notice of another trend: Names that end in “i” are increasingly being used for boys. From Eli to Kenji, there’s a lot of variety in “i”-ending baby names to explore!


1. Levi: Levi is the most popular boys name right now ending in the letter “i.” Currently ranked at number 42, Levi is up over 100 spots in the last 10 years. Levi is a Biblical name with a cool cowboy edge, in part due to the Levi Strauss jeans association. Sheryl Crow and Matthew McConaughey both used this cool name for their sons.

2. Eli: Eli comes in next, ranking at number 53 in popularity. Eli is a Hebrew name meaning ascended. While popular on its own, Eli is also commonly used as a nickname for Elijah and Elias, both of which are also in the top 100. A few other cool names leading to the nickname Eli include Elia, Elio, Elian, Eleazer and Elisha.

3. Giovanni: Giovanni is the classic Italian form of John, meaning God is gracious. Giovanni comes in at number 130, making it a usable and familiar but not overly heard name in the US. Giovanni easily pairs with the Italian names for girls like Isabella, which is still topping the charts. Fashion designer Gianni Versace’s full given name was Giovanni.

4. Kai: Kai is definitely a name to watch, having climbed 60 spots in the last five years. Currently ranked at 145 for boys, Kai is also number 895 for girls. In addition to its cool sound, Kai is used in several different cultures and therefore has many meanings. The Hawaiian meaning is sea.

5. Malachi: Malachi is a Hebrew name meaning my messenger. Malachi re-entered the top 1,000 in 1987 at number 992 and currently ranks at number 162. There are numerous Malachi’s in film and literature, including the evil Malachi Boardman in Children of the Corn.

6. Bodhi: Bodhi first entered the charts in 2010 and quickly rose in popularity. Bodhi is currently the most popular it has ever been, at number 499. Bodhi is a tree name and a Sanskrit name meaning awakening and enlightenment and has become a celebrity fave, used by Oliver Hudson, Amy Brenneman and Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, among others.

7. Esai: Esai is a Spanish name possibly derived from Esau or Esaias. Actor Esai Morales, who pronounces his name EE-sye, helped introduce many people to this great name. Esai has never been in the Top 1,000.

8. Dimitri: Dimitri is a Russian form of the Greek name Demetrius, meaning follower of Demeter. Dimitri has never been too popular in the US, peaking in 1992 when it reached number 502. Today Dimitri ranks at 905 for boys, having made an appearance in the Twilight saga. It is also spelled Dmitri and Dhimitri.

9. Kenji: Kenji is a Japanese name meaning second son. Kenji Kishimoto is one of the lead characters in Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me book series.

10. Nikolai: Nikolai peaked last year at number 478, the most popular it has ever ranked. Nikolai is one of the many attractive forms of the name Nicholas, meaning people of victory. It has been worn by important Russian cultural figures such as writer Gogol and composer Rimsky-Korsakov.

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This post was previously published on Nameberry by Meagan Burke.

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