Leave it to Disney to be part of the team behind a 3D printer that brings out the kid in us faster than the sight of a Beauty and the Beast VHS can. Their research team (yes, Disney has a research team and it worked with Carnegie Mellon University on this project) released a 30 second video showing a machine making just about the cutest thing we ever saw printed: a teddy bear in just a few hours.

Picture it鈥 aww, your friend just had a baby! Mazel, good tidings, yayyyy 鈥 wait, she wants you to meet her little bundle of joy, but, like, where are you going to find the right baby gift right now? Just print out baby鈥檚 first teddy with your 3D printer, of course!

Okay, this is a very specific scenario we鈥檙e imagining, but any 3D printing innovation is one we welcome with open arms 鈥 and those open arms are soo ready to cuddle up to a cute lil stuffed boo bear right about now.

3D printing hasn鈥檛 mastered making using natural, organic, fabric-like fibers just yet, but we鈥檝e seen systems more along the line of large scale sewing machine hacks, like the 鈥淒o Knit Yourself鈥 knitter. The 3D printed teddy bear maker is a lot like that. It uses open source software you鈥檙e used to using in your printing projects, looks like a regular sewing machine, also kind of like a regular 3D printer and does a little bit of both. In a process similar to the way a MakerBot鈥檚 extruder lays down lines of PLA to print your creations, the teddy bear machine 鈥渇elts鈥 soft yarn with a needle, laying down fibers and entangling them to make a 3D object. And, from the video below, it appears it鈥檚 easy enough for a baby to make鈥

No, as interesting as the technique is, this isn鈥檛 exactly an at-home Build-a-Bear machine. But that baby doesn鈥檛 seem to mind.

If you had a 3D printer at home, what would you make? Share below!