Blake Lively had her baby yesterday, and though not much (read: nada) is known about the little tyke (thanks to the couple’s privacy policy re: their kids), sans the fact that Taylor Swift was on hand to welcome him/her (because of course she was), Twitter had some feelings, some of which were downright hilarious.

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 10: (AFP OUT) Actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively arrive for the State Dinner in honor of Prime Minister Trudeau and Mrs. Sophie Trudeau of Canada at the White House March 10, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images)

Below, find seven funny AF tweets about the arrival of the newest member of Blake and Ryan’s growing family.

1. @scottswifts: The news of Taylor’s presence was confusing for some — like, REALLY confusing. Well, this would be something, wouldn’t it?

2. @SwiftBeSlaying: We can’t even.

3. @gameofgays: While we’re pretty sure this widely circulated headline was MEANT to be satire, @gameofgays had some pretty sassy feelings about it.

4. @torlotz: @torlotz did us all a favor and said what we’re all feeling in this moment.

5. @NatashaaWinniie: @NatashaaWinniie, on the other hand, preferred to ponder the babe’s (surely flawless) physical traits.

6. @disastressed: @disastressed took it back to Blake’s Serena van der Woodsen days, getting emotional over it all (us too, bb. Us too).

7. @SundaySweethrt: …anddddd @SundaySweethrt summed up all of life’s cruelties and unfairness in one perfectly succinct Tweet.

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(Photo via Ron-Sachs Pool/Getty)