Holidays mean friends, family, traditions and lots and lots of parties. If you’re hosting one and want to up your game or if you simply want to splurge a bit on yourself after buying tons of pretty presents for all the special someones in your life, this list is it. Below we’ve collected everything you could possibly need for pimping out your crib, holiday-hosting style.

1. Cutting Board and Utensil Set ($45): There is no reason every part of your party shouldn’t be glam, and that includes food prep. Get the pretty vibes on point from the start with this adorable cutting board and serving utensil.

2. Cheer Up Platter ($20): Holiday blues got ‘cha down? This platter will certainly cheer you up. Place some hors d’evours on it and slowly reveal this peppy message as your yummy food gets consumed and the compliments to the chef (aka you) start rolling in. We can feel the cheer already!

3. Cocktail Party Kit ($32): Hosting your first cocktail party or looking for an upgrade from your humdrum regular stuff? Then this cocktail party kit is for you. It’s got everything you need for a fabulous bash included, from cheery and personalized glasses to a muddle. Simply open and enjoy.

4. Tassel Garland ($35): The cranberry hues of this cheery tassel garland are just what the doctor ordered to battle the gray and white winter hues. String these babies up around your place and holiday cheer will fill your home in no time.

5. Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick ($35): If you want to spruce up your space before your next bash, but Pinterest has failed you and you’re all out of ideas, let this book inspire you. It includes 1,000 (yes, you read that right) design ideas for every room in your pad.

6. Football Freaker ($10): America’s favorite sport is now a part of our holiday cheer. As things ramp up for the Super Bowl, important games are on the tube and there are certainly people who will want to celebrate. Surprise the football lovers in your crew with some of these pig-skin-inspired freakers and they’ll love you forever.

7. Golden Leather Coasters ($45): Gold, leather and geometric shapes — is there anything better? Certainly not. These beauties add a little subtle glam to your holiday festivities and keep your gorgeous furniture safe in the process.

8. Pot Holder and Oven Mitt Set ($25): Keep cooking fabulous. The perfect print on these beauties will catch just as much attention as the delicious concoctions you use them to create and serve.

9. Holiday Pretzel Set ($18): Hey — if you’re doing tons of holiday cooking, or even if you’re not (not every lady is looking to be in the kitchen) no one will call it cheating if you call these guys in for post-dinner dessert aid. Plus, the classic and delicious wintry flavors of this double set of pretzels will keep your guests so busy, they won’t even think to wonder where they came from. Just don’t forget to enjoy some for yourself… because you deserve it.

10. A Manhattan Bar for All Reasons from Herb Lester Associates ($7): Sometimes hosting during the holidays means bringing new people together, and sometimes that can be awkward when conversation falls flat. Spark it back up with this cute coffee table book that will keep the chatter, and maybe even some friendly banter, going all night long.

11. Mixology Dice ($24): If you need a little cocktail inspo or you just want to make a fun little game out of mixing drinks, these mixology dice will certainly do the trick. Have all the ingredients ready to go and everyone can have a roll for themselves and create the drink that the dice dictate. We guarantee you’ll come away with a new holiday favorite when everything is said and done.

12. Stripey Straws ($24): No holiday drink is complete without Santa-colored straws. Let these beauties stick out the tops of drinks or even use them for mixers and add a little Santa glam to everything from coffee to cocktails.

13. Holiday Headbands ($22): Talk about conversation starters. You can even make a little game out of them — pop one on the head of each guest as they arrive and have them guess which character they have by questioning the other guests. Everyone will be bffs in no time, and you get all the matchmaking credit.

Which of these lucky little guys will be joining your next holiday bash? Share with us in the comments below!