If you love traveling, you probably love Airbnb. And why wouldn’t you? You can snag amazing spaces, find some off-the-beaten-path places for a dream solo trip, and totally feel like a local instead of kicking it in a boring old hotel room. All that is well and good until you check into a place that looks nothing like the pictures you saw online. Airbnb wants to make sure you get the luxe space you booked with a new selection of high-end rentals that promise to compete with the finest luxury hotels.

According to Bloomberg and several sources, Airbnb is trying out the new service — which they’re calling Select — this summer, and is hoping to make things official by the end of 2017. With the new service, you’ll be able to choose from rentals that are equipped with nicer amenities like fancy towels, fresh new bedding, and even a kitchen stocked with bottled water and coffee. Plus, all the hosts will go through an actual Airbnb inspection to make sure the space is up to snuff!

The new service hopes to appeal to people who have avoided Airbnb in lieu of hotel-like amenities and the comfort of knowing you’re actually getting a decent room. Although, until now, celebs certainly didn’t seem to need any help finding the craziest Airbnb rentals… did you even see Gwyneth Paltrow’s $40,000 rental in Mexico??

Until Airbnb comes out with actual information about the service, we can only speculate as to what the new luxury-tier rentals will look like. But if they’re promising plush towels and a kitchen stocked with coffee, it already sounds like a pretty sweet deal! We’re hoping it will look something like the above photos of this gorgeous rental in Hawaii.

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(h/t Bloomberg; photos via Kristie/Airbnb)