17 Olympic Dessert Recipes That Get Your Head In The Games

Blood. Sweat. Tears… and sugar. It's almost time for the opening ceremonies of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics (finally!). Over the course of the competitions, you'll get to see some serious human strength, and you're going to need your energy. In the form of Olympic dessert recipes, of course. Olympic glory never tasted this sweet.

1. Fruit Olympic Torch Desserts

A little bit fruity, a little bit unique, and a whole lot of sweet, these desserts are the perfect way to welcome this year's Olympics. Make it extra fun and eat them while the real torch is moving across the world! (via Brit + Co)

2. Torch Cake

Let's go to the judges… as we suspected, a perfect 10. (via Daily Mail)

3. Boozy Milkshake

Not cheering for the good old US of A? (Say what?) Change the colors to whatever flag colors you please. (via She Knows)

4. White Russian Cake

This cake has both winter and Russian vibes. Add an Olympic-Rings cake topper, and you've got all your bases covered. (via Use Real Butter)

5. Vodka Red Bull Jelly Shots

Just watching gymnastics makes us exhausted. We'll reach for one of these athletically-challenged little morsels to recharge, courtesy of the official Russo-liquor. (via Just A Pinch)

6. Nanaimo Bars

Alright, these are totally leftovers from a past winter Olympics. Nanaimo is a Vancouver regional recipe, but sometimes reliving the good old days is so sweet. (via The Kitchn)

7. Patriotic Strawberries

You really should be getting more fruits in your diet, even if they are covered in sugar and frosting. (via A Small Snippet)

8. Fruit Loop Rings Cupcake

If drawing little rings on individual cupcakes is not the way you want to spend the day, reach for a box of Fruit Loops. (via Little Family Fun)

9. Gold, Silver, Bronze Rolos

Are you going to individually wrap Rolos in medal-colored foil for your friends? Yes, you are. Because you're a winner like that. (via Makes and Takes)

10. Color Appropriate Macarons

You can cut these little lovelies into Olympic rings, but really, we think that's overkill. Buy or make them in the correct colors, and let them do their duty just as they are. (via Diamonds for Dessert)

11. Secret American Flag

This cake offers the perfect all-American action. Go USA! (via I Am Baker)

12. International Cake Pops

Celebrate your favorite places around the world with these worldly toothpick flags. (via Bird's Party)

13. Monster Cookies

They're Olympic-rings-colored, and they didn't even know it. (via Neighbor Food)

14. Diver Cookies

If there was a baking Olympics, this recipe would take the gold. (via Heather Christo)

15. Frozen Cake

There are a few things we like about this cake. It's vegan. It's frozen. It's customizable. Change the colors to show whatever patriotic pride you're sporting. (via Bitter Sweet)

16. Fruit Cookies

They have fruit, so you could probably get away with eating them for breakfast, which we think you should most definitely do. (via Little Food Junction)

17. Gold and White Russian Cake Pops

You might mistake these bad boys for a gold medal...we bet they taste better though. (via Brit + Co.)

Are you excited for the Tokyo Olympics? Which Olympic dessert recipe will you be trying out? Follow us on Pinterest for more recipe inspo!

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