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At CES 2015, it definitely felt like there were plenty of awesome up-and-coming smart home and IoT devices. Maybe… even too many. One in particular caught our eyes because of the simplicity behind the product and quite frankly because it looks so freaking adorable! Made by Ankuoo, the NEO and NEO PRO can easily equip your house with smart functions that are sure to make every day much more convenient. Sign. Us. Up.

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The NEO may just look like an outlet to most, but little will your house guests know that these little guys can turn your house into an energy-efficient smart home. As small as they may be, they’re packed with cool functions. All you need to do is plug the NEOs into your outlets and plug your devices into the NEOs. From there, each NEO outlet is under your complete control. With a flick of your thumb, you can turn on your Keurig, lights, AC and any other electrical appliances via the NEO App (Free on iOS and Android). Since each NEO is connected to your WiFi, you can control all your appliances with your master remote (aka the app) even when you’re at work. So does this mean we no longer have to come home to a freezing cold apartment?? Yes, ladies and gents. Yes.

As if controlling your house through a phone app wasn’t cool enough, NEO also has an anti-theft timer. So if you’re planning to sleepover of at your boo’s place for the weekend, you can set the timer to your desired “sketchy” hours and NEO will turn on a few lights from time to time in order to give the illusion that someone’s home. The NEO app has a schedule timer function that allows you to customize the amount of time that you want your electronics and home appliances to be on. You can also use the countdown timer so that the heater turns off at 7:30am, the coffee starts brewing and your alarm beeps to wake you up for work.

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The NEO is especially great for those brain fart moments when you realize you’ve left your curling iron and your bathroom lights (or any other lights for that matter) on. You can start saving big on your electricity bills, but if you want to go even greener, the NEO PRO is definitely for you. Not only is it literally the color green, but the NEO PRO can calculate the amount of energy that any given appliance is using. The app reveals how much power your appliances need, the amount of energy they actually use and how much it costs. Finally, no more heart attack inducing PG&E bills. Thanks for inviting us in, NEO.

What will you plug into your NEOs and NEO PROs? What are you thoughts on smartifying your home?