Sad news, guys. It’s been 12 days since Apple announced the debut of the iPhone 6S at their Fall Special Event. Since launching pre-orders a mere 10 days ago, the tech giant has already exhausted their supply of iPhone 6S pre-orders for launch day delivery (launch day being September 25). If you go to the Apple site now and pre-order your phone, it won’t be shipped for another three to four weeks from today. Looks like people are just wild with excitement over the new pink — excuse me, rose gold — option. Or perhaps it’s the Force Touch features, renamed 3D Touch for the iPhone, that have folks up in a tizzy.


Whatever the reason, Apple Insider reports that people are going to have to wait till September 25 if they hope to get their hands on the new handset. Your best bet is actually to NOT line up at an Apple Store, but maybe try to score one at one of the third-party retailers, like Best Buy or AT&T. If you plan on partaking in Apple’s new iPhone Upgrade Program, which must be done in-store, you can reserve your iPhone online — but not until September 26.

Choices, choices.

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(h/t Apple Insider, photos via Apple)