After Apple initially announced the Apple Watch waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in September (not the company’s first trip down watch lane, BTW), tidbits about the newest challenger to the smartwatch/wearable thrown have trickled out. We’ve been impatiently waiting for its release, even going as far as contemplating strapping on a 3D printed version of the watch. Finally this Monday, March 9, the tech giant will reveal all the details at its “Spring Forward” event where we should get pricing, a release date and so many other answers to our biggest questions. So whether you plan on buying the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch Edition (rose gold FTW!) or just renting one, here are the key questions we expect to be revealed come Monday at 10am Pacific courtesy of inside sources with hands-on Apple Watch experience that spoke to 9to5Mac.


1. How Long Will the Battery Last?


According to the 9to5Mac report, the Watch’s battery life is supposed to handle five hours of fairly heavy application usage. While it will not run out of battery during a normal day of active and passive use (similar to your phone), it is being reported that the watch will need to be charged nightly. No worries though, we’ve got a charging nightstand for that ;)

To help with the battery concerns, there is speculation there will be a “Power Reserve Mode” which will cut battery draining apps and functions to keep the watch alive as long as possible. When in this mode, the watch’s display will appear much dimmer, communication with the iPhone will be slower and the display will actually go to sleep after a couple of seconds of inactivity. Gotta do what you gotta do to keep that watch alive.

2. What Will the Heart Rate Glance Look Like?


Yep, the Watch does have wearable features. Namely a heart rate monitor. Users of the watch will reportedly be able to see their beats per minute via an image of a heart on the watch screen whenever they feel like it, which BTW is constantly updated (hence battery life concerns).

3. How Will the Notification Center Work?


In addition to the already mentioned Heart Rate + Battery Life Glances, there is supposed to be additional ones for fitness, activity, your clock, weather, music, quick settings, calendar and maps. While all of those options are a lot for such a tiny display, there will also be a full Notification Center — similar to all other iOS devices — filled with alerts, reminders, to dos and more. This tiny machine seriously packs a punch.

4. How Much Storage Will the Watch Hold?


Though tiny, the Apple Watch is speculated to include a whopping 8GB of storage. This will allow for music to be stored and played from the device without being linked to the iPhone via headphones or speakers over Bluetooth.

5. What Exactly is the iPhone Companion App?


The companion app is said to be the hub for the individual settings of Apple Watch apps, which can be adjusted on an iPhone. While you will be able to add and delete various items from the Watch through this app (example: music), you will also be able to rearrange the icons on the display’s home screen as well. We’re all about personalization.


Check out the full 9to5Mac report filled with more in-depth details on what should be presented at Monday’s event. Fingers crossed all (okay, fine… at least some) of these details are accurate!

Will you be tuning in for Apple’s event on Monday? Let us know in the comments.