After extensive trial and error, we’ve come to the conclusion that there are only three times per year when pranking is socially acceptable: 1. Halloween, 2. Retirement parties(?) and 3. April Fool’s Day. We have 19 hilarious (but harmless) food pranks to inspire the hardiest of har-hars.

1. Milk Prank: Best plan of action? Strike early in the morning before everyone remembers it’s April Fool’s Day. This “milk” falls somewhere between Jell-O Jiggler and panna cotta. Dessert for breakfast? Not the worst trick we’ve ever played on anyone. (via Ben and Birdy)

2. Cheesecake Mashed Fauxtatoes and Gravy: Yum, we’d like to prank ourselves with this one. The potatoes are actually cheesecake, and the gravy? Well, that’s caramel sauce. (via She Knows)

3. Exploding Balloon Cake: Save this one for your enemies. When they go to cut into the cake you mischievously made for them, pop goes the ballon. Splat goes the frosting. And wet goes the pants. (via Prankked)

4. Egg and Toast Dessert: Almond cake and apricots have never looked so breakfasty. (via iVillage)

5. Fauxberry Pie: This may look like a strawberry chocolate pie from an old-school diner, but it’s actually more like the blue plate special. The bottom layer is made of meatloaf and the top is beet-dyed mashed potatoes. (via Spoonful)

6. Prank Donuts: We may or may not have forgiven our friend who baked pickle relish and jalapeños into chocolate cupcakes… and this sounds right up that friends alley, so please don’t show her this post. (via WikiHow)

7. Sriracha Ice Cream Sandwich: Wait a second… this actually sounds supremely delicious. (via The Glut Life)

8. Cupcakewurst: While it’s doubtful that you’ll convince anyone to actually eat what looks like a blood sausage and moldy bun, we can guess that this combo of chocolate cupcake, long john bun and raspberry “ketchup” is sorta good too. (via The Cupcake Project)

9. Undrinkable Juice: Invite your friends over for a cocktail night where the only thing on the menu is undrinkable cocktails made with Jell-O. (via iVillage)

10. Redneck Turtle Burgers: This bacon-wrapped burger works best if your intended target owns a pet turtle. (via Bacon Today)

11. Kitty Litter Cake: EW TIMES A MILLION. (via Tablespoon)

12. Meatballs-ish: Chocolate-nut energy balls and crushed raspberry sauce tricks you into healthy eating. (via Fragrant Vanilla Cake)

13. Sponge Brownie: It may look devastatingly delicious, but there’s a real kitchen sponge in there. LOLZ. (via Instructables)

14. Mashed Potato Sundae: Cute! All you need to make this faux ice cream delight is mashed potatoes, gravy and peppadews. (via Bake at 350)

15. Marzipan-Sugar Cookie Cocktail Weenies: Perhaps the most real-looking fake on this whole list, whoa. (via Diary of a Mad Hausfrau)

16. Grilled Cheese Cake: A sweet grilled cheese look-a-like with toasted sponge cake (not a dish sponge this time) and American “cheese” frosting. (via Spoonful)

17. Shrunken Breakfast: Grab a huge dinner plate and make a breakfast fit for a Lilliputian — quail eggs, miniature toast and tiny shot glasses of OJ. (via Martha Stewart)

18. Nacho Cupcakes: Bah! But they look like nachos! (via Sweet Simple Stuff)

19. Pizza Cake: Careful using this prank on your kid, or they will want one every year on their birthday forever. And then the joke’s on you. (via Kids Fun Reviewed)

Who (and how) are you pranking this April Fool’s Day? Let us know in the comments!