You don’t expect to empty your trick-or-treat bag and find something that needs to go in the oven before you eat it. But… surprise! Miniature Kit Kat bars introduced in Japan this year — and just starting to appear in the U.S. — are made to be baked out of the wrapper.

That’s right. As in, pop them in the toaster oven at 375 for two minutes before eating.

We’ve dabbled in candy making and have seen some pretty unusual candy trends, but candy baking is a new one for us. These aren’t your typical chocolate-covered Kit Kats that would become a melty mess. Nope, these are made to take the heat. The classic wafer is coated with a sugary outer layer that caramelizes when baked, giving the packaged sweet a little DIY touch.

They come individually wrapped with instructions in Japanese. While you technically can eat them straight out of the bag, the baking step is said to give them a whole new toasted marshmallow flavor.

The treat has been a huge hit in Japan, even appearing on dessert pizzas! There’s no confirmation yet on whether Kit Kat is planning to distribute the product in North America, but an imported pudding-flavored variety was recently spotted in Los Angeles at Nijiya Market for $5.29 for a pack of 13. It may not be long before bakeable KitKats show up at a grocery near you! We’ll be waiting patiently with our trick-or-treat bags open ’til then.

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(h/t The Dinner Party Download + images via Clarissa Wei)