You’ve updated your coffee order for the season, but the rest of your home still looks like summer. Motivate yourself with picks from our B + C shop. From a cozy-looking mug to chunky silk scarf, here are ten essentials to fall-ify every spot in your home.

For Your Kitchen

1. Coffee Mug ($40): Found: The perfect mug to sip a nice tea from on a cool, lazy day. We love the cool, subtle tones.

For Your Nightstand

2. Flannel Shirt Candle ($22): We like to keep our nightstand looking good to inspire prettier dreams. This season, we’ll add this candle to our regular mix of books and flowers.

For Your Coat Rack

3. Silk Scarf ($160): Brighten up your collection of dark-colored peacoats and neutral trenches by layering this vibrantly hued scarf on top. It’s like an instant (and easy) way to punch up an otherwise drabby corner.

For Your Closet

4. Leather Messenger Bag ($195): Planning any weekend getaways this season? Pick up a messenger bag that you can tote around to all of your weekend adventures.

For Your Bed

5. DIY Modern Quilt Kit ($119): This one’s a twofer. DIY this quilt on a rainy day by the fire, and then cuddle up in your work of art for the rest of the season.

For Your Fridge

6. Goat Cheese Kit ($29): Pick up this DIY goat cheese kit and schedule a date night in. It’s perfect for those nights when it’s just too darn cold to go outside.

For Your Handbag

7. Pucker Up Lip Scrub ($9): During the cooler months, our lips tend to get super dry. Use this lip scrub and get ready to pucker up.

For Your Jewelry Box

8. Falling Leaves Necklace ($50): Trust us, this statement necklace will go with *any* chunky sweater you have in your wardrobe. And if you’re anything like us, you have a lot of those.

For Your Picnic Basket

9. Napa Wine Tote ($44): Snag this wine tote to bring to all of your fall festivities. Between girls’ nights and Friday night bonfires, it’ll definitely come in handy.

For Your Shower

10. Vanilla Verbena Soap ($12): It’s time to swap out your citrus scents for something a little more warm and cozy, like this vanilla soap. Um, yes please!

What’s your #1 fall essential? Tell us in the comments below.