As someone who is now officially in my 30s (31, in fact!), imparting wisdom upon 29-year-olds about to make the plunge has quickly become one of my favorite things.

Most of us probably had (or currently have) a mental list of things we wanted to do before聽we turned 30.聽From sky diving to spending a year traveling around the world, that early 20s bucket list is one we all know and love. But, we鈥檙e not just about bucket lists here at Brit + Co. We鈥檙e about keeping it real, creative and smart. So with that in mind, we鈥檝e compiled a list of 30 things you should be able to make by the time you turn 30. From poached eggs (get fancy with that break, yo!) to martinis (I guess fancy things are a theme?), here鈥檚 our list.


1. Eggs in Every Style, Including Poached: We know you know how to scramble an egg. You even know about adding shredded cheese and a tablespoon of salsa to give that batch of scrambled eggs聽extra oomph. But it鈥檚 time for an egg upgrade. Learn to fry (over easy, over medium and over hard), learn to hard boil and learn to poach. Soon enough, you鈥檒l be making your own eggs benny from scratch! (Oh and psst, our book聽Homemakers聽has our tried-and-true tricks for making perfect eggs, every time.)


2. An Animated GIF: Though聽animated GIFs聽tend to skew on the younger side, you best make sure you know how to make one if you want to take your photo game to the next level. There are apps that make this extremely easy, even from your phone. But if you really want to be a boss, you鈥檒l learn聽how to make one in Photoshop,聽even if you didn鈥檛 shoot photos specifically for animating. Case in point is the GIF you see above from聽my wedding. Once I scrolled through those photos, I knew聽a GIF had to be born ;)聽GIF pronunciation is still up for debate, but I stand by the hard G.


3. A Martini: Whether you like your martinis dirty, extra dirty and/or with a twist, it鈥檚 time that you learned how to make one yourself. (Photo:聽Sarah Culver聽via聽Style Me Pretty)


4. Cookies from Scratch: A homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies goes a really long way. And here鈥檚 the thing: They are really easy to make and even easier to customize to give 鈥檈m your special touch. Throw in a few walnuts, a peanut butter chip or two or even a handful of crushed up Oreos. And don鈥檛 forget to sprinkle sea salt on the top! Love cookies but hate the cals? Check out this batch of聽Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies聽made with a totally crazy cookie ingredient: CHICK PEAS. What?! Yes.


5. An Entire Apartment Out of IKEA Furniture: By the time you turn 30, it鈥檚 pretty likely you will have amassed a formidable collection of IKEA furniture. At this point you should be able to build all that on your own. From there, the key to taking your collection to the next level is hacking all of those IKEA pieces, so your apartment doesn鈥檛聽look聽like it鈥檚 100% IKEA.聽Check out our archive of聽clever IKEA hacks聽to get inspired.


6. Your Halloween Costume:聽Togas need not apply. Whether you鈥檙e going creative, pop culture, funny or punny,聽making your own Halloween costume聽is the only way to go. And yes, sourcing a bunch of elements and hacking them to create a costume totally counts as DIY.


7. Your Entire Thanksgiving Dinner: Or any multi-faceted meal, for that matter. If you鈥檙e hosting friends and family for a big dinner, forget the takeout and frozen stuff. Take the time to try out a few new recipes and prep them accordingly for your meal. We鈥檝e even got a handy how-to for cooking聽an entire Thanksgiving dinner聽in 60 minutes flat.


8.聽An Updo: Lifetime member of the #longhairdontcare club? I鈥檓 personally guilty of going the 鈥淚鈥檒l just let it air dry鈥 route every single morning. Though a fancy updo isn鈥檛 a must for every day,聽mastering a few key styles聽will make the art of getting ready more fun and creative. And if you鈥檙e in the near-30 age group, we鈥檙e guessing you鈥檝e been invited to a wedding or 10 this summer and fall 鈥 bring your A-game with a fresh new 鈥榙o!


9. Your Bed, Correctly: I have to admit, I鈥檓 definitely one of those over-30s who is still fake-making the bed. There鈥檚 no excuse, and it literally takes only a couple extra minutes to do right (and there are even sheets that make it easier). Maybe it鈥檚 time to splurge on a dust ruffle and headboard while you鈥檙e at it ;)


10. A Killer Playlist: Putting on three Girl Talk albums in a row does NOT count! A killer playlist has a different definition for each occasion, and it鈥檚 up to you and your years of dancing-your-face-off experience to know how to read the situation. Musts include throwbacks to the 鈥60s and 鈥70s as well as the obvious 鈥90s, obscure tracks by musicians your artsy cousin told you about and never forget those crowd-pleasers as well.


11. A Plain T-Shirt Better: In search of the perfect graphic tee? Make it yourself! You can use iron-on transfer paper, stencils and fabric paint or even your phone (hello聽Snaptee!) to customize your tee. And don鈥檛 forget, Sharpies are WAY more difficult to wield on a t-shirt than they were on your high school study hall desk.


12. A Layer Cake: Even if you still use cake mix, the days of poorly frosted cupcakes or a cake that doesn鈥檛 pop out of the pan need to be behind you. Stock up on a couple round caking pans and check out our聽Spring Lemon Cake聽for inspo.


13. The Perfect Centerpiece: At this point, you should know your way around a grocery store flower section or, better yet, a flower market. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, and you鈥檙e on your way to the聽perfect floral centerpiece聽in a matter of minutes. No idea where to start? We鈥檝e got a聽Flower Arranging E-Class聽for that! :)


14. A Website: We鈥檙e not asking you to learn code (though you should probably add that to your list as well), but we are imploring you to make a personal website using one of the hundreds of easy and beautiful tools that鈥檚 already out there. WordPress and Tumblr are solid go-tos and don鈥檛 always have to look like a straight-up blog.


15. The Time to Exercise, Because It鈥檚 Good for You: Gone are the days of exercising like crazy for a month just to look bangin鈥 for spring break. Making the time for exercise can feel totally impossible, especially with balancing work, your social life and necessary trips to the ASPCA to see if you鈥檙e ready to adopt a puppy. But here鈥檚 the thing: Regular exercise will actually help聽you find that balance, and you鈥檒l feel more energetic and self-confident as a bonus. Keep in mind, finding the best form of exercise for you can definitely involve some trial and error 鈥 so go into the task with an open mind. And never underestimate the power of an 鈥80s aerobic video.


16. A DIY Statement Necklace: To DIY enthusiasts, this may seem like a no-brainer. Those of us who love to make tend to see necklaces at places like Anthro and J.Crew and scoff at the high price tags and opt for the DIY version instead. Of course, that鈥檚 often easier said than done. Find a necklace you love, and task yourself with hacking it. You鈥檒l be surprised by what a little patience, flat-back gems and E6000 glue can do, and you鈥檒l probably end up with something even cooler than what inspired you! Creep on our archive of聽DIY necklace tutorials and stylish necklace roundups聽for inspiration.


17. Beach Waves: Unless you鈥檙e heading to a holiday party, wedding or black tie event, there鈥檚 NO reason to hit up your stylist for beach waves. There are SO many ways to get this look on your own in as little as聽10 minutes! From flat ironing your braids to using a diffuser to sleeping with cut-up t-shirt strips in your hair, try a few different methods to find one that works for you.


18.聽A Knitted Scarf: It鈥檚 finally time to learn to knit, just like your grandmother tried to teach you back in the day. We teamed up with Jade Harwood, founder of WOOL AND THE GANG to create a聽Knitting 101 E-Class聽that鈥檒l teach you everything you need to know. You鈥檒l even come out of the class with your very own hand-knit infinity scarf.


19. A Family Recipe You鈥檒l Pass on to Your Kiddos: You have your dinnertime staples, but are they heirloom-worthy? We鈥檙e talking modern shepherd鈥檚 pie, veggie-packed skillet mac and cheese, a mean pot of chili and the like. Try your take on聽one of these recipes聽and we鈥檒l get you one step closer to your new favorite dish.


20. A Gorgeous Cat Eye: Still have no idea how to do anything except a sort-of-passable smokey eye? Cat eye to the rescue! Our tutorial on聽graphic eyeliner聽is a great place to learn and experiment with more extreme versions of the everyday winged look.


21.聽Party Decor (Without Leaving It Up for Weeks After the Party): We鈥檝e all been there. You had a birthday/holiday/Halloween party and you loved your聽DIY decorations聽so much, you decided to leave them up for a few days鈥 weeks鈥 wait, months? Really? While we fully support parties on any day of the year, take that decor down the next morning, people!


22. Classy Nail Art: Nail art is a thing, and it鈥檚 not going anywhere. An accent nail on each hand is a good start, but it鈥檚 time to go full on in聽the nail art department. Half moons, stripes and polka dots should all be fair game.


23.聽An Accurate and Awesome Photo to Put on Your Online Dating Profile: Yes. Accurate and聽awesome can be best friends, even when it comes to your online dating profile. We鈥檙e too old to be faking any aspect of our personalities or looks at this point. Be confident, and that confidence will come through, even over the interwebs!


24. A Piece of Clothing: Never had home ec in high school? That鈥檚 what we鈥檙e here for. Basic sewing skills are essential, whether you need to mend a piece of clothing or make something from scratch for a costume ;) Taught by Brit + Co DIYer Roxy Taghavian, our聽Sewing 101 E-Class聽will have you sewing up pillows, tote bags and tea towels in no time. And your very own maxi skirt!


25. A Salon Wall: You鈥檝e seen 鈥檈m, you鈥檝e swooned over 鈥檈m and now it鈥檚 time to make one for yourself. We鈥檝e laid out聽four simple steps for creating your own salon wall, from curation to installation.聽If you don鈥檛 know what a salon wall is, it鈥檚 time to get in the know. 鈥淪alon鈥 or 鈥済allery鈥 describes a certain way to hang art, photos and other wall pieces in your home. It embodies the art of ordered chaos because it鈥檚 all about mixing and matching the different shapes you鈥檝e collected. It鈥檚 a great way to combine photos, art and other random things you deem frame-worthy.


26. Breakfast for More Than Two People: Breakfast in bed is sweet and all, but getting breakfast right for an entire house of family, friends or roommates is downright amazing. We recommend fluffy scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes (fry 鈥檈m at the last minute if you want more flavor), bread or pastries that don鈥檛 need to be toasted and plenty of bacon. I also always whip up a veggie hash with a mix of peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli, potatoes and whatever other veggies I鈥檝e got in my fridge. (photo credit:聽Food52)


27. A Consistent Signature: Does your signature still聽look different every time? Like different enough that people look at you funny when you sign receipts? Stop that. Commit to the perfectly cursive sig or the straight up squiggle and call it a day.


28. A Pom Pom: Sure, this may be a summer camp throwback, but you鈥檇 be surprised just how far your pom pom skills can take you, even as a thirty-something. You can use pom poms on beanies, to create wall hangings and rugs or to decorate for your entire wedding!


29. A Handmade Card That Looks Totally Professional: Handmade cards are聽not just for kids. Learn yourself some聽calligraphy skills聽and you鈥檒l be hand-lettering your own profesh-looking cards in no time.


30. The Decision to NOT Take that Lemon Drop Shot: And last but not least, turning 30 means it鈥檚 finally time to be able to make the decision to NOT take that lemon drop shot. Can鈥檛 say I鈥檝e fully subscribed to this item on the list, but the photo above is聽from when I was 29 :)

Stay tuned for more in our聽30 Before 30聽series!

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