When you plan your vacation, you think about where you want to go, what you want to do and what you want to stuff your face with (or is that last one just us?). But to really make your vacay extra special, you should stay at a super inspiring hotel too. And what鈥檚 more inspiring than bright, zany, zippy color? For us, pretty much nothing. Check out these 14 color-drenched hotels in hot spots around the world that鈥檒l make your vacation bright and beautiful. Here鈥檚 to hoping you鈥檒l be checking into one of them ASAP!

1. The Saguaro Palm Springs: The bright, happy hues of this hotel were inspired by colors of indigenous desert flowers. Now that is some flower power we can on board with. (via JDV Hotels)

2. The Generator Hostel Barcelona: Affordable room prices with funky, vibrant decor in a super cool city? Booking our flights right now鈥 (via Generator Hostel Barcelona)

3. Goli & Bosi Hostel: The acid-yellow walls of this hip hostel in Split, Croatia, were inspired by the city鈥檚 past as a sulphur bath hot spot. (via Goli + Bosi)

4. Casa del Domo, Las Alamandas: The warm waters of Mexico await you on the other side of this resort鈥檚 sweet suite. Drenched in the colors of a blazing hot sun and bright purple bougainvillea, this vibrant getaway is pure paradise. (via Las Alamandas)

5. Hotel de Gantes: We love the pop of blue against graphic black and white tiles in the Paul Cezanne suite of this French hotel. Definitely tr猫s chic, don鈥檛 cha think? (via Hotel de Gantes)

6. Hesperia Bilbao Hotel: The cubed, colorful facade of this super modern hotel in Bilbao, Spain, reminds us of a giant Tetris game. Plus, it has a prime location on the waterfront and is just up the road from the Guggenheim Museum. (via NH Hotels)

7. G&V Royal Mile Hotel: Okay, so this hotel bar is exactly what you鈥檇 imagine a swanky club on Mars would look like, right? It鈥檚 hard to believe this multi-hued, futuristic decor is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. (via Quorvus Collection)

8. Arte Luise Hotel: Art lovers, rejoice. Each room at this Berlin hotel is colorfully decorated by a different artist. This bright mural was done by artist Elvira Bach. (via Arte Luise Hotel)

9. Semiramis Hotel: When you think Greece, you often picture cliff-hugging, white-washed homes bathed in gorgeous Greek light. This Athens hotel changes things up a bit and brings out Greece鈥檚 wild 鈥 and colorful 鈥 side. (via Athens Hotels)

10. Wanderlust Hotel: How much color can YOU handle? Ten of the rooms at this sweet Singapore stay are awash in a single bold hue, so you feel absolutely enveloped in color. (via Wanderlust Hotel)

11. Pantone Hotel: This might be our favorite hotel of all time. Inspired by the rich shades of Pantone, this Brussels hotel keeps things light and bright by balancing bold hues against a clean white palette. (via Pantone Hotel)

12. Fusion Hotel Prague: We are absolutely mad for this 鈥淢ad Hatter鈥 room at the Fusion Hotel in Prague. You鈥檒l find a few other vivid (and affordable!) themed rooms here, and the heart of Prague鈥檚 old town is just a few steps away. (via Fusion Hotels)

13. Colors Hotel: This Rome hideaway doesn鈥檛 skirt around its appeal. And with a name like 鈥淐olors Hotel,鈥 you know exactly what you鈥檙e getting. Plus, the hotel is close to the Vatican, which makes touring the city super convenient. (via Colors Hotel)

14. Hotel Zed: Get your rock 鈥榥鈥 roll on at Canada鈥檚 funkiest hotel. You definitely won鈥檛 get bored with the hotel鈥檚 color scheme or great amenities 鈥 including a ping pong lounge and waterslide. (via Hotel Zed)

Which colorful hotel do you want to add to you must-stay list? Tell us in the comments below!