We’re serious about Halloween. Like producing costumes in July and wishing All Hallows’ Eve was every weekend serious. What can we say? The only way to truly prep for the month-long dress-up celebration (at least in our calendar) is to prep and prep early. The best way to guarantee you don’t show up at all those parties with the same costume as every single person is to turn back time TBT style. One lady who serves up plenty of inspo from her music videos — as well as her Instagram, red carpet and film roles — is Beyoncé. Check out 15 classic Queen Bey videos (or these five Beyoncé DIY costumes) to draw ideas from for Halloween. Or just an average office/night-on-the-town look ;)

1. “Bills, Bills, Bills”: Step one: Coax your best gals into going all out with matching ensembles. Step two: Choose between a pink leather + lace combo, a zebra pattern matching set or a royal blue cutout ensemble. Step three: Work it and demand all the guys at the bar pay your bills for the night.

2. “Say My Name”: If monochrome is your thing, or you’re at least willing to pull it off for a fun night on the town, then draw from this early ’00s Destiny’s Child jam. If you can pull off an all-orange, red, blue or white outfit and convince a few of your girls to join you in the look, we’re sure everyone will be saying your name.

3. “Bootylicious”: We know you jammed to this song (and probably still do). Shake your booty in a revealing color-matching look (we see a theme here, Destiny’s Child). Nobody will be ready for the bootyliciousness you’ll be sharing on Halloween.

4. “Survivor”: Bring camo back courtesy of this island-themed vid. If the overused pattern, isn’t your look try a leaf-accented bathing suit or go all Castaway and tear up a gown to make it appear like you just arrived on an isolated island after a shipwreck.

5. “Crazy In Love”: If you’re wanting to keep it casual this year, just slide into some red pumps and jean shorts and throw on a sheer tank. Then strut your stuff. Or go even more casual with some flashy sweats, a midriff-baring zipup and a ball cap. Hey, if it’s Beyonce-approved, you can totally rock it to an October event.

6. “Upgrade U”: Find the best diamond-studded corset, throw on some matching shorts and your daytime Halloween look will be completely upgraded. When night rolls around, toss a gold dress on or make yourself look like the badass girlboss you are by throwing a white faux fur shawl over that skin-tight white power suit. You know everyone will be shouting “YAAAS QUEEN!” your way.

7. “Check On It”: You know you’ve got a lot of pink hanging in your closet. Throw it all together (pink wig necessary) and check up on everyone while looking like a pastel princess the entire night.

8. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”: This one is still popular, so tread lightly if you don’t wanna have a “Who Wore It Best” moment. If you’re willing to take that chance, all you need is a fab off-the-shoulder bodysuit, some sick heels and (of course) a golden glove. Duh.

9. “Ring the Alarm”: Another simple one. All you have to do is recreate Tom Cruise’s Risky Business white button-up or Glenn Close’s Fatal Attraction white dress. Or just throw on a khaki trench coat with little underneath to look like the crazy sexy cool lady you are.

10. “Video Phone”: We’ve got bodysuits and bathing suits a plenty in this one. Take your pick of an all-black or blue look, a black + white patterned ensemble, a solid white suit or a glam gold-accented outfit. We’re obsessed with all of ’em, and may just deem October “Video Phone” outfit-appreciation month.

11. “Work It Out”: A gold, sheer dress. That’s all you need for this one. Oh, and some MAJOR ’70s vibes injected into your look.

12. “Run the World (Girls)”: Run (and own) the night by going all out with this vid full of stunners. These looks are all about the bling + flash — but then again when is it not when we’re talking about Queen Bey. You’ve got plenty to work with whether you wanna go for the fuzzy black ensemble accented with an eye-catching gold belt, a Medieval red outfit finished with a golden headdress, a straight up white gown, a romper with a tail and literally a dozen other fierce looks. Take your pick; you can’t go wrong.

13. “Telephone”: A royal blue romper detailed with golden shoulder pads — is there anything better?! Probably not.

14. “Love on Top”: Sneaks, a one-piece and a commander hat. Your costume will be on top of the competition without a doubt.

15. “Feeling Myself”: This Nicki vid with the Bey assist offers more than a handful of playful looks. We would highly recommend the black jersey vest with knee high socks though. Simple, yet flawless.

Need even more Beyoncé outfit inspo? We’ve got 14 more waiting for you to check up on ;)

Which Beyoncé look will you/are you thinking of dressing up as for Halloween — or just an average weekday — this year? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via Warner Bros.)