Your bestie deserves some extra special love this year, and nothing says “I’m so glad I can rapid fire text you at 1am and not have you think I’m a creep” like a handmade gift. We’ve combed through our extensive DIY archive to share 20 gift ideas all the gals in your squad will love.

DIY Choker Necklaces Gift Idea

1. DIY Choker Necklaces: This ‘90s staple has made its way seamlessly into 2016 “it girl” style. Your BFF never knew she needed a double decker tattoo choker.

Girl Gang Sweatshirts DIY Gift Idea

2. Girl Gang Sweatshirts: You two go together like 2015-era Nicki and Bey. Working with a larger squad? We’ve also got a printable of TSwift’s crew, obvs.

Peppermint Lip Balm DIY Gift Idea

3. Peppermint Lip Balm: This minty fresh homemade lip balm makes for a super thoughtful (and helpful!) stocking stuffer.

Polka Dot Clutch DIY Gift Idea

4. Polka Dot Clutch: Got a gal who’s Anthro-obsessed? Make her this copycat clutch for $200 less than it costs.

Shoulder Duster Earrings DIY Gift Idea

5. Shoulder Duster Earrings: Flex your jewelry-making skills by making a pair or two of these glitzy shoulder dusters.

The Mermaid Pillow DIY Gift Idea

6. The Mermaid Pillow: You’ve seen it, you’ve swooned over it and now, thanks to us (humble brag) you can MAKE IT YOURSELF.

Pineapple Cutting Board DIY Gift Idea

7. Pineapple Cutting Board: Is it possible to take one’s love for pineapple a bit too far? We say no way, Jose!

Watermelon Pom Pom Keychain DIY Gift Idea

8. Watermelon Pom Pom Keychain: These adorable poms have us wishing summer would get here just a little bit faster… ;)

DIY Tool Holder Gift Idea

9. DIY Tool Holder: Know of someone who’s starting to tap into her inner DIYer? Gift her this DIY tool holder, made out of an embroidery hoop and fabric.

Marbled Leather Bag DIY Gift Idea

10. Marbled Leather Bag: The best thing about marbling is the fact that you basically can’t go wrong! This glam bag is one of our faves.


11. Leather Key Fob: Is your bestie still rocking that free bottle opener keychain from the first week of college? Upgrade her key style with one of these beauties.


12. Hand-Embroidered Patch: If you have a lengthy airplane ride in the near future, get yourself some embroidery supplies and get patching!


13. Custom Ascot Scarf: We’re totally on board with the trend of ascots. Who doesn’t want to look like a British nobleman with French girl flair? Make your own by finding unusual fabric and hemming the edges.


14. Hand-Painted Accessories: Want to take it to the next level? Make your bae a trio of hand-painted wearables.


15. Textile-Wrapped Stacking Bracelets: If you’re like me, you’ve got tons of wire bangles that you never wear. Give them new life by stacking ‘em up and wrapping them in jersey-knit cotton and embroidery floss.


16. Gemstone Statement Necklace: For ladies who are ready to up their DIY skills, it’s time for a crash course in soldering. The results? This stellar statement necklace.


17. Pressed Flower Coasters: Remember back in middle school when you would press flowers in your textbooks? It’s time to bring that vibe back but in a way classier way.


18. Beyoncé-Inspired Tote: Your fave sister from another mister’s got swag, and she deserves a tote that spells it out loud and clear.


19. Agate Cuff: Quick, hop onto the agate train before it’s gone!


20. Hand-Painted Weekender: If your bestie is on the go all the dang time, give her the gift of stylish luggage — hand painted by YOU!

Alright, time to hit the craft store and start DIYing — stat!