We’ve been crushing on bagel art and rainbow desserts like mad, but a new player has taken the stage — the birthday cake croissant. With funfetti everything on the rise, it was only a matter of time before it reached our favorite breakfast pastry. Sprinkles are mixed into the pastry dough, which is then rolled around a mascarpone filling. It’s definitely the next blockbuster breakfast confection, so get in line now if you want to get your hands on one.

Pastry chef Thiago Silva is known for his genius dessert hybrids, including a cinnamon roll-stuffed donut and s’mores pizza. He’s no stranger to unique pastries, and his birthday cake croissants are taking Instagram by storm.

He’s also recently added a cookies ‘n’ cream croissant to the lineup. The dough is mixed with cookie crumbles and coated with a house-made Oreo butter, then topped with what can only be described as absolute heaven (AKA more Oreo butter).

Get your croissant fix at Thiago’s Bakery inside NYC’s Union Fare, where you can also sample his other croissant mashups, including red velvet with cream cheese custard, green tea with green tea mascarpone and a PB&J-inspired version with jelly enrobed in peanut butter dough.

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