Blake Lively may have a fun-loving marriage, a beautiful family, and a kick-ass career, but the fact that she seemingly has it all doesn’t mean that she neglects her health in any way. In fact, The Shallows star is known for her sleek form, willing to put it (nearly) all on screen in an itty-bitty bikini not long after giving birth. And if you’ve ever wondered how she sculpts those fabulous muscles, here are the three workout moves that Blake Lively uses to stay super toned.

Blake Lively

Celebrity trainer Don Saladino told New Beauty that there are three key exercises he has the 29-year-old actress and mother-of-two tackle every time they work out together. “Blake right now is doing a lot of the carries. She’s doing a lot of sled work and we have her jumping rope.”

While jumping rope is pretty common and self-explanatory (and totally fun before it becomes wildly exhausting), you might not be as familiar with the sled or carries. Sled-work is basically what football players do when they push that thingy around the field. In other words, it requires you to push or pull a “sled” that is topped with weights. “Carries” will have you holding a kettlebell in one hand while walking to help improve core strength and cardio, not to mention needing a heck of a lot of balance to pull off.

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Deadpool 2 training has begun! @vancityreynolds

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And while that’s obviously working out for Blake Lively, we have to wonder what Saladino had in store for Ryan Reynolds when he posted a pic of the two to Instagram with the caption, “Deadpool 2 training has begun! @vancityreynolds.”

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