Was it just us, or did the temps start falling significantly as soon as Daylight Savings Time kicked in? Granted, we were grateful for the extra hour of sleep (considering it was Halloween weekend and all) but we didn’t think we had to break out the onesies so soon. In case you aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace, you might need something a little more substantial than a knitted chenille throw to keep you cozy during your weekend (or after-work) Netflix binges. Barcelona-based designer Bianca Cheng Costanzo blended her love of origami and home decor to create bloom, a handsewn, customizable wool blanket entirely composed of tetrahedrons. Pretty cool, huh?

Before she cuts and stitches hundreds of woolen triangles together, Costanzo develops models of the blanket with Processing, an open source programming language that allows her to experiment with different sizes and combinations for various patterns. These 4’x5′ throws are made of an 80/20 wool cashmere blend from Italy.

After raising over $200K on a Kickstarter campaign that ended in March, Bianca is set to ship her backers’ blankets right now. If you’re not warming up to the idea of dropping $300, you can grab a protractor and fashion together a DIY project (maybe with different colored triangles?)

What’s your favorite kind of blanket to cuddle with? Leave us a comment!

(h/t Design Milk)