Remember when bright colors, big hair and neon manicures were all the rage? We do! The ’80s were the perfect time for feeling misunderstood and acting out in a fit of fashion angst with as much color and lace as possible. Just ask Pat Benatar or Cyndi Lauper. It’s where we learned the importance of leopard print and pink hair. So why wouldn’t we want to bring back the looks that gave us all that is sass? Here are 15 of our favorite old school trends from one of our favorite decades, the ’80s!

1. Neon Heels: There’s nothing better than getting all prim and proper and then breaking the rules with a pair of larger than life neon heels. Look out. These shoes were made for walking. And you can get your own pair for under $50. (via Atlantic Pacific)

2. Headbands Sealed With A Bow: Who said only little girls could rock headbands with a bow? Thanks to Desperately Seeking Susan, we know that’s nonsense. (via Glitter Guide)

3. Tutus: Madonna taught us you don’t have to be a ballerina to wear a tutu. And our lives have never been the same. Tutus for everyone! (via Buzzfeed)

4. Two Tips for Perfecting the Bright Lip Color Look: Bright lips plus one earring? It doesn’t get more ’80s than that. Luckily, Michelle Phan shows us the way. (via PopSugar)

5. Crimped Hair: Oh yeah, we went there. Remember when crimped hair meant you lived on the edge? It still does, especially when you rock it in bright pink. (via Modern Salon)

6. Neon Nails: Deborah Lippmann takes us back with her fantastically bright polishes named after some of our favorite ’80s hits. Pump up the jams and get to painting. (via Nordstrom Blog)

7. Off the Shoulder: You watched Flashdance just as many times as we did. That’s probably why you’re as obsessed with the off-the-shoulder sweatshirt look as we are. (via Kate the Great)

8. Virgin Brows: Brooke Shields is the go-to icon whenever we think of the perfect brow, and Cara brought it back. If only we hadn’t started maniacally plucking away many moons ago… (via Refinery 29)

9. Big Hair: Ringlets, perms, soft curls, tease — call it what you will, big hair is an absolute must when it comes to the ’80s. Step aside subtlety, there’s only room in here for one of us. (via Daily Makeover)

10. Cosby Sweater ($123): Looks like you ransacked your dad’s closet on the perfect day and found that ideal space between tomboy meets ladies who love color. (Ahem, that’s us).

11. Last Friday Night: Bright colors, big earrings, spandex and the makeup and bracelets to match — clearly Katy Perry nailed it. Lucky for us, this tutorial shows us how to perfect the look. (via Urban Elfe)

12. Long Leg Warmer ($18): Where would we be without legwarmers? We’re pretty certain this style never actually went anywhere thanks to American Apparel.

13. Fashion Trends We Can All Thank Madonna For: Really though, did fashion even exist before Madonna? Wayfarers, lace, crop tops, bangles — she’s taught us everything we know, period. (via Glam Radar)

14. ’80s Makeup: Here’s some inspiration for you inner Boy George. Get your crazy colors and put them on, fiercely. No move is too bold. (via Beautylish)

15. Jem and the Holograms: Pretty in pink is an understatement, and this one ain’t just for Halloween, ladies. Jem was truly outrageous every single day. (via Just Lia)

What’s your favorite ’80s beauty trend? Share with us below!