Whether you have a selfie-loving BFF or your brother is always going on about the latest photo tech, the camera lovers in our lives are keeping us informed and often entertained with silly pics. And if you’re obsessed with DSLRs, point-and-shoots and polaroids too, then you also know how fun snapping pics can be. Lucky for you, the B+C Shop is chock full of camera gadgets and accessories to keep you and everyone you know saying “Cheese!” Scroll on to check out some of our faves.


1. Diana F+ Camera ($89): Give your loved one a stylish new toy to try out. They’ll be snapping pics in style with this red Diana F+.


2. Camera Notebook ($12): Jot down your photography notes or inpso in this notebook. Because you *definitely* don’t have enough notebooks.


3. Camera Pendant ($44): Your BFF can pop on this pendant with any outfit to show her love for the photog world. Bonus: This would make for the perfect #treatyoself gift too.


4. Fotostrap Camera Strap ($85): Save your camera from your overstuffed totes with a stylish strap. Leather and turquoise? Sign us up.


5. Camera on Piano Keys Wall Art ($140): Frame this wall art and hang it in your studio. It’s sure to give you an extra boost of creativity every time you look at it.


6. Magnetic Photo Rope ($12): Basic frames are a thing of the past. Now your friends can display your pictures on a magnetic photo rope like this one.


7. Polaroid Camera Print ($44): How fun is this print? If you’re a fan of old-school cameras like these, then this work of art is a must.


8. Photography for Bloggers Online Class ($20): Know someone who’s dying to learn photography? Gift them our online class so they can learn all of the basics and amp up their blog pics.


9. Photojojo Fisheye Lens ($20): Even though you probably just picked up the new iPhone 6S (in rose gold, of course), we still think a Photojojo lens is essential. One of our faves? The fisheye.


10. Camera Ornament ($20): It’s never too early to start collecting ornaments. Why not add a camera to the tree?


11. Lomokino Camera With Kinescope ($99): If you’re in the mood to pick up a new hobby, shoot some short films with a Lomokino camera. You’ll be entertained for days.


12. Phoneography Starter Kit ($30): This kit has everything your aspiring-photog friends need to start snapping pictures like a pro. From a wide-angle macro lens to Phone-o-chrome filters, they’ll have albums full of pics in no time.


13. Camera Club Tee ($25): Nothing screams camera-obsessed more than a camera club tee like this one. C’mon, join the club!


14. Pocket Spotlight ($30): Is your phone’s flash not up to your standards? Snag a pocket spotlight in the B+C Shop, and all of your problems will be solved.

What have you been eyeing in the B+C Shop recently? Share your latest finds in the comments below!