With wedding season in full swing, there are bound to be cameras around. And while it鈥檚 safe to say we all probably remember our worst photo sesh faux pas, from closed eyes to a double chin, there鈥檚 no need to deal with that nonsense this summer. The solution? Take some advice from models, photographers and selfie professionals, and follow these 16 picture-perfect tips to showcase the oh-so photogenic you.

1. Avoid Closed Eyes: Step 1: Make sure the photographer is counting down to the click. Step 2: Keep your eyes closed until right before the last second. Step 3: Open them up to reveal a gorgeous smile that features only open eyes. (via Daily Makeover, photo via Brit + Co)

2. Learn Why You Look Bad in Photos: This seems almost too obvious. Every time the camera comes out we all get nervous and fidgety, so why not plan ahead? Study past photos of yourself that you both like and don鈥檛 like, and see if you can find a pattern. (viaWikiHow, photo via Psychologies)

3. Pump Up Your Lashes: Open your eyes up by applying lots of mascara. Make sure it鈥檚 the last step in your eye makeup regimen too, so you鈥檙e left with a clean, bold finish. (viaCosmopolitan, photo via Get the Gloss)

4. Practice Your聽Red Carpet Pose: We鈥檝e seen Taylor Swift rock the classic hand-on-hip at almost every red carpet event, but we love Allison Williams鈥 style here. Tilt your upper body out a little to create an angle between top and bottom, and hit that hand right to your hip for the ultimate figure-flattering stance. (viaDaily Makeover, photo via Celeb Mafia)

5. Keep Your Head Up: Avoid awkward angles and double chins by keeping your head slightly up. It helps to focus on a point slightly beyond and above the camera, instead of directly at it, to help remind you to keep your chin up. (Via InStyle, photo via Brit + Co)

6. Grab a Prop: Okay, you don鈥檛 exactly have to be prepared with a mustache or bow-tie prop 24/7, but you get the idea. Grab anything around you (a glass, a flower) to give your hands something to hold and to keep you from appearing uncomfortable. (viaDaily Makeover, photo via Etsy)

7. Shoot From Above: Holding the camera at even a slight angle above you can seriously flatter. And although we don鈥檛 necessarily suggest going overboard with the infamous selfie, it鈥檚 a great way to check out the best angle for your figure before a photo op. (viaAll Women Stalk, photo via Daily Makeover)

8. Practice: You know you do it already. Next time when you鈥檙e belting out the lyrics to your fave new pop song in front of the mirror, take a quick break to find your perfect smile and figure out your ideal angle. (viaCupcakes and Cashmere)

9. Play Up Your Brows: Get standout brows with this tutorial. Going for a slightly darker brow keeps your face from looking washed out and will convey lots of emotion. (viaLipstick, photo via Refinery29)

10. Twist to Look Slimmer: Of course SJP couldn鈥檛 possibly look slimmer no matter which way she stands, but, in true Carrie Bradshaw style, she鈥檚 rocking the twist stance to a T. If you give your shoulders or upper body a slight turn in either direction, you鈥檒l instantly appear thinner. (viaKate Pease Blog, photo via Huffington Post)

11. Minimize Shine: Using a matte powder on your face will help keep the shine down in a photo. Stay away from sparkles or minerals that can defeat the even-toned look you鈥檙e trying to achieve. And when in doubt, turn to blotting papers as a last minute fix! (viaXO Vain, photo via Brit + Co)

12. Strike a Pose: While the good ol鈥 sorority squat is a phenomenal way to strike a pose, it鈥檚 not always the most sophisticated. When in doubt, throw up your arms, frame your face or rock some hang-tens like our fresh BFF Shailene Woodley. (viaWoman鈥檚 Day, photo via Huffington Post)

13. Add Some Color: Whether to your cheeks or eyelids, adding color to your face helps your facial features to really pop in a picture. (Via Real Simple, photo via Brit + Co)

14. White Wall聽Backdrop: It doesn鈥檛 take a genius to realize that tons of fashion and clothing websites are now featuring their models against white backdrops. Not only does it make your hair color and makeup pop, but it helps a camera find the right color balance to make your skin appear to be the perfect shade. (viaDaily Makeover, photo via ASOS)

15. Tongue to Teeth: Achieve a perfect, natural smile like Gwyneth Paltrow by employing the tongue-to-teeth trick. When you smile for a photo, press your tongue against the back of your upper teeth to prevent yourself from smiling too big or wide. It totally works. (viaDaily Makeover, photo via PopSugar)

16. Choose a Bold Lip: Red lips are totally hot right now, and they鈥檙e sure to stand out in any photo op. But even if you鈥檙e not ready to rock the rouge, you can still pick a more neutral shade of pink to make your lips stand out. (viaKate Pease Blog, photo via Brit + Co)

Which trick are you ready to try next time the camera comes out? What鈥檚 your signature photo pose? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook.