If you’ve ever spent a substantial amount of time in New York City, you know that spotting a cat at the bodega (corner deli), is pretty commonplace. It’s just one of NYC’s many charms, city guidelines be damned. Brooklynite Sunny Eckerle has captured the cat craze in a awesomely creative way with her Tumblr, Brooklyn Bodega Cats. Eckerle creates beautifully colored illustrations of bodega cats, including little facts about each specific one she features, such as where in the store he or she likes to laze around and how the store owners found him or her.

bodega cats

These New York cats have just as colorful stories as the people who call New York home. Some of the cats are life-long New Yorkers, while others, like Smoochie, were forced to leave the city. In Smoochie’s case, it was when the bodega was sold.


Eckerle does a great job sharing their stories and capturing their individual personalities. Check out Mars, who likes to people-watch in the winter while keeping warm next to the radiator.

bodega cats 2

In addition to creating these cats’ portraits, Eckerle also draws custom illustrations and prints, which you can see on her website, White Elk. Her other series include illustrations of taxidermy, farm animals and pies.

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