Congrats! Your BFF bride-to-be asked you to be her maid of honor. As pumped as you are, you may be wondering just how you’ll be able to pull off a killer bachelorette party while on a budget. No worries — just stock up on these cheap and chic ideas: DIY hangover kits, printable bachelorette games and plenty of *free* activities. Scroll on for all 18 tips on how to save serious bucks while throwing an epic girls’ night out!

borrow accessories from friends

1. Accessories and Clothing Swap: If you and your gals plan to hit the town, borrow clothes and accessories from each other. That way you’ll all have something “new” to rock on GNO without actually spending money on a brand new outfit.


2. Printable Neon + Chevron Party Invitations: Get your friends pumped for an all-ladies adventure with these festive invites that are yours with a click of a button. Simply download, then print out the free templates onto cardstock paper. (via Bespoke Bride)


3. DIY Mimosa Bar: No need to rack up a bill from continuous rounds at the bar. Ask your friends to bring at least one item like bubbly, fruit slices or juice to create your own mimosa bar. Throw in yummy brunch bites and you’re all set for a top shelf party! (via Brit + Co)

set the budget

4. Budget Limit: Prevent breaking the bank by setting the budget prior to planning the GNO. Shoot out a mass email or conduct an anonymous survey to make sure everyone’s on the same page about how much they’re comfortable spending.

flower crowns

5. DIY Flower Crowns: Save money on matching bachelorette getups with DIY paper flower crowns that can double as a party favor once GNO ends. Just host a flower crown-making workshop prior to going out! (via Brit + Co)

glamping trip

6. Go Glamping: Planning a weekend away with your best gals? Rather than spending loads on a B&B, borrow friends’ camping gear and set up your own glamping trip. Add a DIY roll-up trunk canopy to create a lounging area and fill it with throw pillows and blankets for a super cozy outdoor space like this one.


7. DIY Photo Booth Backdrop: No matter where the festivities take you, whether indoors or outdoors, designate an area for a photo booth. Whip up a quick ‘n’ easy DIY garland and tulle pom-poms to hang from any wall for an instantly chic and affordable backdrop. (via Brit + Co)

diy photobooth props

8. DIY Photo Booth Props: Spruce up your photo booth with stylish props that you can make in a jiffy. Print these free downloads onto card stock paper, cut them out and then tape onto wooden sticks. For a glam touch, coat your props with glue and top them off with a generous dose of gold glitter. (via Mike Carreiro Photography / Something Turquoise)

color blocked cork serving board

9. DIY Color Block Cork Serving Board: A picnic-themed bachelorette party is budget friendly, and at the same time allows your DIY skills to shine. For example, you can use the picnic excuse to break out this stylish color-block serving board you made from repurposed corks. Chances are, if you and your girls are avid wine drinkers, you’ll have plenty of supplies. (via Brit + Co)


10. DIY Yard Yahtzee: Make a set of GIANT dice for a larger-than-life game of yard Yahtzee for that bachelorette picnic. You’ll need wooden cubes, paint, round stickers and weather sealant to keep your dice looking their best long after the festivities end. (via Style Me Pretty Living)

bachelorette game

11. Something Turquoise How Well Do You Know the Bride + Groom Game: Test everyone to see how well they know your BFF and her beloved with this fun printable game. Add a personalized touch with patterned washi tape and colored cardstock. (via Something Turquoise)

diy pizza

12. Two Ingredient Pizza Hack: A fun and cheap dinner idea is a make-your-own-pizza party. Try this two-ingredient crust hack that calls for self-rising flour and Greek yogurt. In minutes, you’ll have a super tasty pizza with an unbelievably fluffy crust. Pro tip: For a firmer crust, cook the dough on its own for five minutes, then throw on the sauce and cheese and put it back in the oven for another 10. (via Brit + Co)

bar crawl

13. Local Bars for the Win: Instead of flying to Vegas or Palm Springs, save hundreds on travel costs by sticking to local bars for your GNO bar crawl. You and your girls will still have plenty of fun without breaking the bank.

dinner party

14. Friends Who Cook Together: Celebrate your bride while saving money by throwing a dinner party. Have your ladies pitch in — split up into three groups to cook each course.


15. DIY Hangover Kits: Be a considerate bachelorette party host and have hangover kits for the guests to take home. Give the items a personal touch with custom peel-and-stick vinyl labels. As for what to include in your hangover kits, think anything soothing and sample sized (e.g., lip balm, breath mints, hair ties, gum, bandages). (via Evermine Weddings)

diy temp tattoos

16. DIY Temporary Tattoos: Those sleeveless party dresses are perfect for some arm candy — the tattoo kind, of course. Whip up these stylish DIY temporary tattoos that are sure to be a hit. (via Something Turquoise)


17. DIY Towels: Dry off from a day of fun in the sun with these DIY personalized towels. They’ll make the perfect party favors for a beach bash and are a more affordable alternative to monogrammed ones. (via Mike Carreiro Photography / Something Turquoise)

diy spa day

18. DIY At-Home Spa Day: Don’t spend $100+ at a lavish spa — have your friends bring along their favorite nail polishes and body soaks for the ultimate day of relaxation in your own home. You can even turn it into a DIY spa day by making your own beauty products like we did! (via Brit + Co)

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