Here’s one more need-to-try treatment to add to your beauty bucket list. While some BFFs get manis or blowouts together, besties Michelle Williams and Busy Phillipps, who regularly make red carpet appearances together, are currently obsessing over the infrared sauna as a hot (pun intended) way to get their sweat on.

Phillipps shared a shot of herself in one of these saunas on Instagram, and revealed that it was her BFF who introduced her to some of the treatment’s healing properties.

“Currently sweating it out at an infrared sauna place,” she wrote. “If you don’t know about infrared saunas, GET ON BOARD. I love it so much. It’s not like a regular sauna where I can only sit there for like 10 mins and then I feel like I’m melting. Infrared saunas are great for deep muscle relaxation, detoxing, cardio vascular health and your skin! Michelle told me it helps skin heal faster — I don’t know about that, but it does feel great.” A word of caution from Phillipps herself, however: “But you know, obviously, I’m no doctor.”

As Mary Woodridge of Purify Infrared Sauna in Richmond, Virginia, explained to us back in September, while traditional saunas do little more than warm the air around you, infrared saunas warm you from the inside out, penetrating your skin and raising your internal body temperature.

And while the Freaks and Geeks actress may not be a doctor, Dr. Frank Lipman, who wrote a blog post on the topic for Be Well, says she’s right on target about the health benefits of the treatment, plus some. Lipman says it can flush out toxins, lower blood pressure, and unwind muscles, in addition to improving skin toning and reducing signs of aging (!), help you fight off an infection, and even make you lose some water weight.

In case you wanted a firsthand report, we’ve actually sent a writer to check out the trend, and she experienced “loose limbs, glowing skin, and a rosy outlook” post treatment.

Get your sweat on, girl!

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(Photos via Kevork Djansezian, Frazer Harrison/Getty)