Kitchens and cabinets are just plain hard to spruce up without spending a million dollars. You can paint the walls a new color. You can replace the ancient oven that has been the bane of your existence since you moved in. Or, you can do something much easier that doesn’t require a ton of work or money. It’s as simple as replacing your hardware. Check out these 20 masterful hardware pieces that are ready to give your cabinets a facelift.

1. Braided Coronet ($12): Sometimes you just need a slight pop of color, and there’s hardly a better way to get it than in a Palm-Springs style pull.

2. Bone Chevron Handle ($18): Chevron — there’s no reason why you shouldn’t dress up your cabinets with it. These elegant handles will match any color, from basic blue to bright red.

3. Glass Mosaic Knobs ($32): If you’re the type of person who just refuses to pick a favorite color, go ahead and have them all. These sparkling knobs are just like miniature stain-glass windows, but with a modern feel.

4. Ceramic Peg Knob ($8): Simple and classic, this little guy will never go out of style. With six different colors to choose from, you decide if you want to give your cabinets a taste of the rainbow or go with one hue throughout.

5. Stainless Steel Handle (two for $7): Got Gordon-Gekko style? Then your super sleek pad needs these super sleek pulls.

6. Precious Stone Knob ($128): Yeah, this is probably more than what you should be paying for a knob, but it’s so sparkly!

7. Square-Cut Glass Knob ($6): Take your cabinets to a whole new level of vintage glory.

8. Utility Latch ($16): Having trouble keeping your kiddies out of the cabinets? Swap the childproof plastic for these stylish brass latches. Five different finishes allow for lots of opportunity.

9. Jadeite Glass Knob ($2): Mint is one of our favorite pastels, so you know we’re on board here. Way to bring some spring into the kitchen year round!

10. Dotted Drawer Knobs ($7): These dotty knobs are made from wood and paint. If that doesn’t say “DIY opportunity” to you, we don’t know what does.

11. Bamboo Pull ($3): Bamboo isn’t only for tiki bars and panda snacks. Made of zinc, these pulls will bring a tropical yet fashionable feel to your kitchen.

12: Mirror Mosaic Knob ($8): If your cooking is as good as we’re guessing it is, you’re going to want to see what you’re plating up from every angle. The mirror on these knobs will reflect your culinary triumphs many times over.

13. Agate Handle Set ($49): This handle is so rustic and so chic. Each one is unique and ready to show off your cabinets.

14. Akaya Knob ($8): You know what this little guy does? Instantly puts a whole lot of character into an otherwise humdrum kitchen.

15. Cup Pull ($2): This vintage classic is coming back, and it’s prettier than ever. Pair it with a bright tea towel for a modern look.

16. Forest Critter Knob ($12): Okay, so we may not know what the fox says, but isn’t this foxy knob simply adorbs?

17. Beach Glass Pulls ($180): You know that we love ombre, and these ombre pulls are definitely going in our imaginary beach house. Check out those gorgeous sea tones!

18. Rope + Metal Handle ($12): While we’re talking nautical… this rope handle is totally sea-worthy. Add a few to your cabinets and we have no doubt that Coastal Living will be knocking on your door, begging to photograph your home.

19. Druzy Quartz ($18): Druzy is kind of our jam. These little gems are so pretty, you might be tempted to unscrew them from time to time and wear them out on the town as some attention-grabbing jewelry.

20. Brass Geo Knob ($60): Oh geo, we love you. And this geo knob is simply perfect for your kitchen cabinets. Yes, perfect.

What are your kitchen update ideas? Tell us!