It looks like Taylor Swift isn’t the only one moving on from her break-up with Calvin Harris. Tay’s ex, who recently shared a sizzling shirtless pic of himself, has posted another pic, and it’s quite brow-raising for another reason. That’s because it shows Calvin posing with a group of smiling, super hot gals, which seems to be his way of telling the world that he’s doing juuust fine.

Calvin Harris with women

Sharing the pic on Snapchat with the simple caption, “I write songs,” Calvin’s slight grin seems to be due to the four lovely ladies next to him, notably all brunette. Perhaps the newly single DJ is looking for someone who DOESN’T remind him of his headline-making ex.

Calvin Harris

Although this could be a simple shot showing that he’s moving on in the wake of his breakup with Taylor, it still seems like we’re watching a bit of subtext play out in public pics and posts.

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(Photos via Calvin Harris, Jesse Grant, Jamie McCarthy/Getty)