Show of hands: Who’s ready for Thanksgiving? You may have already chosen your pumpkin pie recipe, but it’s time to start thinking about how to style your table. Skip the usual suspects this year (we like our cornucopias off the table) and go with something a little more elegant. Here’s a fun and easy DIY project from the team at NousDecor that will transform your mismatched candle holders into a set of gorgeous bud vases. A centerpiece that doesn’t require candles, expensive floral arrangements or a giant decorative gourd? Count us in.

Materials and Tools:

— assorted vintage candle holders

— gold spray paint

— floral foam blocks

— cup of water

— fresh flowers

— greenery (if desired)

— scissors

— gloves


1. Spray paint mismatched vintage candle holders with gold paint.

2. Cut floral foam blocks into pieces small enough to fit inside each candle holder.

3. Poke a hole in each piece of foam, large enough to fit flower stem(s).

4. Dip foam in water.

5. Cut flowers, removing each bloom and leaving only 1-2 inches of stem.

6. Stick stems into foam.

7. Fill with greenery if desired.

8. Arrange on table.

Start with a mismatched assortment of candle holders. We sourced ours from a local vintage shop, but you can also dip into your stash of hand-me-downs at home. The ideal mix will include different heights and materials.

Spray paint those candle holders shiny gold! Don’t forget to wear gloves if you want to preserve your mani.

Floral foam blocks will help secure the buds to the candle holders. Use scissors to cut your foam into cubes small enough to fit inside each candle holder. Puncture each cube with the end of your scissors to create a hole for flower stems. Then dip each cube in water. This will help keep your arrangements looking fresh until the last turkey sandwich has been devoured.

Now it’s time to transform those candle holders into bud vases. You may need to trim the foam cubes a little more to make sure they fit inside the candle holders. Just keep shaving off the sides until you can wedge them inside.

Next, choose your blooms! We suggest cutting them one to two inches from the base of the bloom to make sure they’ll sit snugly on top of each candle holder. If they’re too tall, they’ll droop (and nobody likes a droopy floral arrangement).

Depending on the look you’re going for, we suggest adding in a few sprigs of greenery.

Now it’s time to arrange your blooms. Secure each flower by sticking the stem into the hole in the floral foam. Fill with greenery as desired. Then stagger the finished arrangements in the middle of your table.

We added leftover greenery to our tablescape and accented with white pumpkins to bring in a touch of seasonal style.

The result? A fresh take on a classic Thanksgiving tablescape.

How are you planning to style your Thanksgiving table this year? We’d love to see the finished product! Share photos with the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative so we can take a peek.