It鈥檚 totally possible that you鈥檝e experienced moments in your life where you felt like you were living in a bubble. But now, you can actually live (or work or play) in a bubble鈥 anywhere you want. Similar to the crazy cool AudioOrb we showed you earlier this year, Bubble Houses by CasaBubble are temporary, modular structures that you can rent or buy.

Bubble Houses are the creation of French designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas, but are now being marketed by US-based distributer CasaBubble. These lightweight, pressurized PVC bubbles can either be set up on their own or connected to others to make a multi-unit structure. Made of recycled materials, they give you 360-degree views of whatever landscape you鈥檙e surrounded by, without leaving any damage to the ground or earth they鈥檙e standing on. Who doesn鈥檛 love being eco-friendly? Plus they鈥檙e powered by silent blowers that always allow fresh air to enter, without humidity and condensation, and can be deflated and folded away when not in use.

These fun structures have been used at exhibitions, special events and even some new-age business meetings around the world, but are now able to be rented or purchased by anyone who鈥檚 looking to pop one up. If you don鈥檛 have the space for one in your own backyard or neighborhood, no need to worry. Hotels like Attrap-Reves in rural France have created all of their guest rooms out of these entertaining little hubs. They let you witness the incredible outdoor features of the property, including snow in the winter, without getting wet or cold. Vacay, anyone?

In case you hadn鈥檛 thought of it already, these bubbles are just missing one small thing: plumbing. CasaBubble has not yet created the BubbleBathroom, but we鈥檙e hoping that鈥檚 next on their list of to-dos. The awesome bubbles do, however, withstand winds up to 43 mph and can be set up as a guest room, beach shack or play area anywhere you want. CasaBubble hasn鈥檛 released their price list for rentals yet, but they retail for anywhere from around $9,000 to $19,000.

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(h/t Architizer and Local Nomad)