If your friends are anywhere near as festive as ours, you won’t be stepping into a holiday party without *at least* one photo booth setup. Think about it: the possibilities for a perfect wintry backdrop are near endless, from shiny tinsel garland to dangling ornaments and snowflakes to a patchwork of leftover wrapping paper. The same goes for the props, which, thanks to Santa and his reindeer, are pretty much taken care of. The only thing up in the air is how you’re gonna pose (ducklips are so 2013), so don’t let a lack of inspiration leave you with a blank stare when it comes to the countdown before “cheese.” For tips on striking that perfect pose, we turn to the people who basically vogue for a living: your favorite celebrities. Let these 10 famous poses, from the Olsen twins’ iconic pout to Beyoncé’s fierce hip pop (as well as Anna Kendrick’s ROTFL parody), act as your arsenal for #owning your holiday pics, whether you’re the star of the snapshot or not (cause you don’t get a lesson on posing from JLaw without learning the art of the photobomb).

1. Cara Delevingne’s Devilish Tongue Out: Land on the naughty list? Channel Cara with your tongue out and a mischievous stare. (Image via @caradelevingne)

2. Shailene Woodley’s Signature Pose: Don’t be shy, strike it! Toss up that peace sign, hang loose like Shailene or get up close and personal with your pals with a smooch a la Lena Dunham. (Image via @shai_woodley)

3. The Olsen Twins’ Posh Pout: Apparently all it takes to get a pout as perfect as the Olsens is to say “prune” instead of the classic “cheese.” You’re trying it now, aren’t you? And we bet your lips are pursed on the brink of a smirk, or as MK+A would call it, photo-ready. (Image via @elizandjames)

4. Jennifer Lawrence’s Slow Creep Surprise: Pull a classic JLaw by creeping into the shot when your pals least expect it — bringing a crazy face is always a plus. (Image via @ryanseacrest)

5. Taylor Swift’s OMG Face: Maybe that’s why TayTay looks so shocked all the time? This pose won’t be the same without cat eyes and a major red lip. (Image via @taylorswift)

6. Beyonceé’s Flawless Diva Pose: There are only two words needed to describe how to conquer the photo booth this year: Werk. It. It’s the way Bey would want it. (Image via @beyonce)

7. Anna Kendrick’s Sexy Hip Pop #Fail: OMG. One of our favorite funny girls shows exactly how to not take yourself too seriously. Step one: wear a onesie to the party. (Image via @annakendrick47)

8. Mindy Kaling’s Pretty-Everytime Pose: Mindy nails the pretty girl pose. Knee slightly popped, legs together, back arched and arms tight to the side guarantees a figure-flattering stance. Now all you have to do is :) (Image via @mindykaling)

9. Lauren Conrad’s Behind New Locks Pose: Show off that new ‘do by shaking out your tresses for the camera just like LC — hair flips encouraged. (Image via @laurenconrad)

10. Karlie Kloss’ Meow Brows: You didn’t leave the mirror until your lips were full, eyes sleekly lined and brows fully buffed, so you’re going to flaunt it in the booth. Steal Karlie’s brow pop + lip pout for an on-fire look that highlights your holiday makeup. (Image via @karliekloss)

Do you have a go-to photo booth pose? Do you go Vogue-level serious or goof out? Tell us about the faces/shapes you pull in the comments below.