Celebrity Pixie Cuts That’ll Make You Take the Plunge

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There comes a time in every woman’s life where she contemplates cutting all her hair off. After a breakup, before a new job, at the start of a hot summer —we've all been there. And, while sometimes we're talked off the ledge, others we push forward, make the appointment, and realize it's the best decision ever. But does the same idea apply to getting a pixie haircut?

If you’re questioning whether or not the short snip will flatter you, you’re in luck. According to Marilisa Sears, the artistic director at Marc Anthony True Professional, “As long as you’re tweaking the cut according to your overall face shape, hair texture, and profile,” you’re in the green. The biggest thing is that, regardless of your face shape (or your nerves), you work with an experienced stylist to ensure the result is right for you.

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