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We鈥檝e been drooling over Cheetos Popcorn since we heard it was available at participating Regal Cinemas in 32-ounce bags. Cheetos AND cheese-dusted popcorn?! Seemed too good to be true. We headed to our local Regal Cinema in NYC to get a first bite of Cheetos Popcorn ($8, a nationwide rollout starts December 15), without seeing a movie, because apparently you can do that. Here鈥檚 what we thought.

The popcorn is covered with the signature, neon-orange Cheetos cheesy dust yet still has that classic, warm, buttery movie theater popcorn taste. There are a few actual Cheetos pieces mixed in to give the snack鈥檚 texture a nice crunchy variety. Unfortunately, there really are only a few Cheetos; we counted about 10 in our bag. But maybe that鈥檚 on purpose. We鈥檇 hate to be seated next to someone loudly munching on Cheetos during a quiet part of a movie.

Overall, we think this enjoyable snack would pair nicely with any cheesy movie, a rom-com perhaps. We鈥檇 order it again and maybe bring along a bag of Flamin鈥 Hot Cheetos to spice up the mix.

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(Images via Cheetos and Gabi Conti / Brit+Co)