Chrissy Teigen is one of the most popular people on social media, thanks to her candid captions and her hilarious pictures. But most heartwarming is how real she is, especially when it comes to her family, including hubby John Legend and new baby girl baby girl Luna (we’ll be calling her Lulu too, I think!). So you’ll pardon my total shock when I found out about two years ago that I had a new follower on Instagram — @pepperthai2 — also known as Chrissy Teigen’s mom. I was totally skeptical at first, but nope, this was the real deal — it’s truly Chrissy’s mom Vilailuck in the (social media) flesh.

And not only does she follow me, but she likes my pictures! It’s not every picture and it’s not consistent, but I am able to say that I have a fan in one Mrs. Teigen. And that is something great. The summer she started following me, my friends and I posted an homage video on Instagram to Chrissy’s wristing dance and @pepperthai2 liked it. (We squealed and screamed like little girls at a One Direction concert — and then cried a little inside when Chrissy posted later a video of her mom liking every Instagram picture that comes in her feed.)

But what a champ for spreading the love!

There’s so much to be gained from following her too: insight into her life and a peek into Chrissy and John’s life as well as just general joy over food, family and good times. She’s usually posting from the same places as Chrissy, meaning she’s right alongside her, which is a thing of beauty this day in age. She posts killer food pics of her Thai dishes, and loves those crazy dogs as much as the Teigen-Legend family does. She posts pics of her grandkids and her doctor’s office visits alongside regrams images of Chrissy. She’s basically your mom. And for that, she definitely deserves a follow.

Vilailuck Teigen, you are a gem! Keep it up, lady. (And thanks for being my Instagram friend!)

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(Feature image via @pepperthai2)