Behold the humble cinder block. Relatively easy to come by and incredibly versatile, these hunks of concrete can do great things. From modern outdoor planter walls to industrial coffee tables to chic shelving, these simple blocks can work wonders with a tiny DIY touch. We’ve rounded up a list of cinder block projects for inside and out — but the best part? Most don’t even require tricky techniques or tools! They just require a little creative thinking.

1. Cinder Block Bar: You’ve seen DIY home bars and you’ve seen DIY planters, but you’ve never seen anything like this. Pour yourself a drink at this dreamy bar and you’ll totally forget it’s made out of discarded construction material. (via The Hunted Interior)

2. Modern Outdoor Planter: Make this cinder wall as big or small as you like, and you’ve got instant depth and character on your patio. It’s begging to be filled with season-appropriate plants and, clearly, dogs dig it, too. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Numbered Block: The options are endless with this one. Pictured, you see it as a centerpiece, but this numbered planter could call out your address or mark a special date. (via Yes, Please)

4. Cinder Block Birdhouse: Don’t keep all the industrial greatness of cinder blocks in your own home. Share it with your feathered friends by DIYing this sweet, clunky birdhouse. (via Lowes)

5. Patio Block Seating: Bring a pop of color to your porch with this cinder block bench. The cushions make it a more involved project, but they also make it super comfy. Worth it! (via Lena Sekine)

6. Neon Block Planter: We adore geometric patterns and neon, so it’s no surprise we’re in love with this corner planter. Bonus points for moving this fabulous piece work indoors! (via Modernly Wed)

7. Cinder Block Shelf: This DIY doesn’t require any complicated directions. Just set a board on top of your blocks and you have an instant shelf! It’s insanely resourceful, if you ask us. (via A Paper Aeroplane)

8. Colored Block Shelf: Upgrade that industrial chic shelf by brushing a pop of color inside those simple cinder blocks. This project fits every budget and, if you pick the right color, every style. (via Lonny)

9. Mod Block Bench: How dreamy is this outdoor bench? Cinder block seating allows the flexibility to include outdoor elements like trees and bushes in your overall design. (via The Horticult)

10. Concrete Vase: If you’ve got a stencil laying around from another DIY project, this is the perfect way to use it. Concrete is super easy to paint, and this is one vase that’s tough to knock over. (via Design Improvised)

11. Block Bed Frame: Creating your bed frame out of concrete blocks provides endless opportunities for storage and style. Paint them whatever color you like, or leave them bare for a super industrial look. (via Improvised Life)

12. Cinder Block Furniture: It may sound intimidating to DIY an entire suite of patio furniture, but this cinder block project includes seating, a coffee table and side tables that are easy to make and will last forever! (via B. Organic)

13. Cinder Block Nightstand: If you can rescue three simple concrete blocks, you have an instant nightstand with eye-catching shelving and little cubbies for all your favorite nighttime items. (via Dwell)

Have you ever decorated with cinder blocks? Tell us all about your concrete creativity in the comments below!