If laundry day fills you with dread, you’re not alone. While you could always try laundry hacks to help make things easier, or even opt for a laundry room makeover to prettify your space, maybe you’d rather just not do your laundry. Like, at all. Enter Cleanly Reserve, a new subscription-based laundry app that you can download for free on iTunes… AKA your new clothes-washing BFF.


Unlike other chore-sourcing apps like Taskrabbit, Cleanly’s will be the first to offer a subscription option for its services. Promising to save you at least 10 hours per month (!!) that would normally be spent trekking to the laundromat or scrubbing out bras in the sink, Cleanly wants you to instead do “what you love” while they tend to your delicates. Sounds good!


So how exactly does Cleanly work?

STEP 1: Through the app, schedule a laundry pickup at whatever time suits you. Or you can arrange to leave your laundry with your doorman, if you happen to have one and have a busy day ahead of you.

STEP 2: Cleanly peeps will drop by with their shnazzy custom bags to collect your messy clothes and keep them protected and together on their journey.

STEP 3: They will then professionally launder and dry-clean as needed and have your items back to you neatly folded in a mere 24 hours. You can even track the truck with your wardrobe on it to see when they’ll arrive.

Yep, it’s just that easy.


The service offers wash-and-fold pricing of $1.5/lb of laundry. Members receive nifty perks like discounts, no delivery fees, waived cancellation and reschedule fees — not to mention no minimum for delivery and free hang dry.

Sound amazing? There’s one little catch: Cleanly is currently only available in New York City. Here’s hoping they expand so that (not) doing your laundry gets even easier.

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(Photos via Cleanly)