Whether you ride the foldable Sada Bike or prefer the super-light 3D printed Solid, your cycle is going to need some upgrades. We’re talking tricking out your ride with some tech that’ll have people thinking your bike is straight out of Tron. Okay, maybe not that advanced, but this Kickstarter gets pretty close. It’s a biking system called COBI that’ll transform your two-wheeler into a sleek, smart bike.


COBI brings all of your bike tech mounts into one connected biking system for easier navigating. The COBI Hub charges your phone while you’re riding so the COBI app won’t leave you at 20% by the time you’re at your destination. The app tells you how fast you’re going and where you’re going. For its GPS system, it uses OpenStreetMap, an editable map made with cyclists in mind, marking bike lanes and trails on the way. The interface is intuitive and the app is beyond smart, switching between GPS and Speedometer based on your speed and where you are. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 1.43.28 AM

The hub comes with an LED headlight bright and big enough for cars to spot you from afar. As for the cars behind you, they might mistake you for a motorcycle with your bright red brake lights and flashing turn signals. Seriously, COBI turns your modest commuter road bike into a pimped out futuristic ride.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 1.42.53 AM

Separate from the hub is the ergonomic thumb-pad controller, where you can scroll, click and navigate through music, maps and other features on your phone. The controller allows you to always keep your hands on the handlebars. When it’s time to lock up your bike, there’s even an alarm to keep it safe. The lock is activated by the software on your phone, and only you can unlock your bike. If someone attempts to steal your bike, the security alarm will go off. If the thief was able to get away, the COBI Hub houses a tracker so you can locate your bike.

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COBI is currently on Kickstarter and there are a variety of pledges to choose from, and $115 will get you the device. Be sure to hop on those early-bird specials so you can snag some exclusive gear along with your very own advanced biking system.

We’re loving the COBI. Think your bike could use some tech upgrades? What are your favorite features?