Monday morning, back to the grind. Sluggish from all that excitement at last night鈥檚 Teen Choice Awards? Us too. But, here we are again, ready (kinda) for another week of workin鈥 鈥 and maybe a li鈥檒 twerkin鈥. Check out five fun time-wasters to make your commuteway better. Before you know it you鈥檒l be back at your usual Friday happy hour once more.

Millennials of New York

1. Millennials of New York: You know you鈥檙e an institution when spinoffs of your work start getting created. Following Disney Characters of New York comes this Gen-Y take on the story-based photo series. Scroll through this Facebook feed filled with snaps + stories from, well, millennials living in New York City that range in every emotion from hilarity to humility. We think there should be a version for every city, TBH.


2. Vivala: This site is a new hub for millennial 鈥渂old and savvy Latinas to connect and have their voices heard.鈥 Check out the mobile site on your commute to see vids featuring famous faces like OITNB聽star Jackie Cruz and culturally relevant convos created by users covering topics in the world of style, fashion, beauty, travel, design, lifestyle and wellness. Yeah, you鈥檙e totally gonna get hooked on this platform.


3. of10podcast (Available on iTunes + SoundCloud): This 10-episode podcast series hosted by tech entrepreneur + former radio personality Will Lucas shines a light on prominent and up-and-coming African American tech personalities. Through discussions on startups, venture capital and education with mobile leads, engineers, VPs, founders, authors and more, your view on the tech industry will more than likely be different after each episode finishes.

wildcar -app

4. Wildcard (Free on iOS): If you find your Twitter + FB feeds to be too cluttered for discovering news, then this recently updated app should be one you try out to stay up to date with everything going on in the world. The news and entertainment hub breaks down all the action into easily digestible content cards to make your commuting skims, reads and shares efficient. And just like that, you鈥檒l be more in the know on everything going on than your coworkers.

Tom DesLongchamp Crayola Marker Portraits

5. Tom DesLongchamp鈥檚 Crayola Marker Portraits (Follow @tomthinks): Love illustrated portraits? What about Crayola? Yeah, you love both? Us too, and that鈥檚 why we鈥檙e OBSESSED with these pieces produced with Crayola markers. Seriously, they鈥檙e stunning. Now click through to the artist鈥檚 site and check out every single one of 鈥檈m throughout the week. We鈥檙e sure you鈥檒l be just as into them as we are.

What ways are you passing the commuting time this week? Let us know in the comments.