There are a few good things about cold weather, and most of those things have to do with eating. Enter congee (pronounced kan-jee), a silky Chinese porridge that’s practically *made* for sniffles and cuddling under a fleece blanket. Though congee is normally eaten for breakfast, it’s delicious and filling any time of day. Here’s the kicker: You only need two ingredients — water or stock and rice. The fixings are up to you. Here are a few recipes to get you on board the congee train.


1. Chicken Congee With Crispy Chicken Skin: This creamy congee gets its flavor from chicken broth. The crispy, salty chicken skin topping adds a welcome crunch. (via I Am a Food Blog)


2. Ham Rice Porridge (Ham Congee): Though Congee is already breakfast fare, this recipe that incorporates ham bone in its base reminds us of a classic ham and eggs breakfast. All that’s missing is a fried egg garnish. (via Roti and Rice)


3. Flavorful Chicken Congee: This congee is anything but bland. Fresh chicken broth gives it plenty of rich flavor. Don’t forget to top with fried shallots and shredded chicken to take this congee to the next level. (via Foodie Story)


4. Seafood Congee: Dried scallops and fresh shrimp work in place of stock in this seafood congee. As the rice and water cook, the seafood creates its own flavor-packed broth. (via Omnivore’s Cookbook)


5. Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Congee: Don’t forget to save your carved turkey carcass and roasting pan veggies for this no-waste congee. Save your leftover turkey meat for sandwiches and pat yourself on the back — you have lunch planned for the next week. (via The Woks of Life)


6. Fish and Millet Congee: This congee recipe uses millet, a staple grain in Taiwan, in place of rice. This gives the congee more of a nutty flavor, which is even more enhanced by dry toasting the millet beforehand. Top with your favorite garnishes like green onion, pickled cucumbers and chili oil. Yum. (via Frites and Fries)


7. Thai Rice Soup With Pork-Cilantro Meatballs (Jok): In Thailand, “jok” is synonymous with congee. This recipe (complete with juicy pork cilantro meatballs) is a hybrid from both Leela Punyaratabandhu, author of Simple Thai Food, and our favorite professional eater, Chrissy Teigen. (via The New York Times)


8. Brown Rice Congee With Beef, Shiitake and Garlic Chips: White rice is the norm for congee, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying it with brown rice. Adding more water makes it just as creamy as the white rice version. (via Serious Eats)

What soups and stews do you enjoy making in the winter? Comment below!