If you’ve ever stood in front of a wall of paint swatches, you know how easy it is to become frozen with doubt when choosing colors. Each shade starts blending into the next as you feebly try to hold the little paper swatches together in a massive bouquet of possible color options. Rather than spending hours in the paint chip aisle, why not peruse the perfect color combos from the comfort of your couch? Now you can, with a fab new color generator called Coolors. Whether you’re planning a wedding, decorating your home or just fostering a healthy addiction to all things Pantone, you will love this new color generator.


The site lets you browse through (and customize) an infinite number of color schemes at the click of a button, and is perfect for gathering inspiration for a bedroom update or just wasting time. With each tap of your space bar, a brand new, five-hued palette appears on your screen. If you just love one color, click on it and the site will isolate that color and generate a new palette to go with your color choice. And of course, you can save all your favorite color combos for future reference. You know, when the kitchen needs a new coat of paint. And the dining room. And your office. To start finding your dream palette, simply visit Coolors and begin playing… just don’t blame us when you get sucked into the black hole of rainbow colors.


The inventor of Coolors, Fabrizio Bianchi, told Wired that he wanted something that wasn’t too complex or too simple. He wasn’t impressed with other color generators that provided an overwhelming amount of personalization, and he didn’t want it to just be a collection of paint swatches like you find at your local hardware store. Instead, he wanted Coolors to land somewhere in the middle, offering stylish palettes that were still totally customizable. Coolors uses a database of thousands of human-created palettes and an algorithm of those values to generate totally new color palettes. Bianchi says this makes the resulting color combos much closer to what an actual human might choose without a computer’s help.


Obviously there are lots of great color generators, but the difference with Coolors is how incredibly simple it is to use. Instead of feeling like design, it almost feels like you’re playing game. “A lot of users tweeted they spent several hours just pressing the spacebar,” Bianchi told Wired. “It’s quite crazy.” Lock columns as you find favorites, then continue flipping the board until you find complementary colors that you’re equally in love with. You can also view popular palettes and download them to print (essential when you actually do hit the paint store). At this point, every room in our house has a dream scheme.

Did you try Coolors? Tell us what you thought and if you found your new favorite color palette in the comments below!