Nothing ruins a day faster than waking up to an unwelcome surprise on your face. Especially when any attempts to hide that unsightly blemish only seem to draw even MORE attention to it. Instead of letting that blemish ruin your day and your makeup routine, we have 12 quick and easy ways to cover it up as painlessly as possible.

1. Use Moisturizer: After you wash your whole face, make sure you use a water-based moisturizer that will quickly absorb into your skin. The moisturizer also acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup, creating a smoother finish. (via PopSugar)

2. Attack Inflammation: We are all guilty of it, but picking at a blemish can cause inflammation and scarring. Clean the area with a cleanser that contains either glycolic acid or sulfur, and blemishes will dry up within a few days. (via Glamour)

3. Ice It: Ice, ice, baby! Running an ice cube over your blemish can reduce the swelling, leaving you with a much smaller problem area. (via Become Gorgeous)

4. Clean your Equipment: Before you start applying your makeup, make sure your brushes and hands are clean, so you’re not adding any new bacteria (yuck!) to your face. (via Brit + Co)

5. Develop Layers: For a reddish blemish, choose a yellow color corrector that will tone down the redness. Set your makeup with an oil-free powder to seal your corrector and foundation, and your blemish will stay hidden all day. (via Top Inspired)

6. Powder Over Liquid: Mineral foundation conceals blemishes much better than a liquid foundation. You can apply as much coverage as you need without worrying about it looking caked on. (via Keiko Lynn)

7. Apply the Foundation: Even if you don’t usually wear a lot of foundation, it’s easier to disguise the blemish when you’ve got a base to even everything out. It also helps your concealer last longer. (via Redbook)

8. Stick Foundations: A cover-up foundation stick won’t be as sheer as liquid foundation, so you’ll use less product to cover your blemish. We recommend using a concealer brush to apply the stick foundation to just your problem areas. (via Elle)

9. Avoid Caking: When you get a blemish, naturally the first thing you want to do is cover it up ASAP. But piling on the concealer can sometimes draw even more attention to it. Apply the gentlest feather strokes with your makeup brush to slowly build up the concealer. (via Livestrong)

10. Carefully Choose Concealers: Apply a green concealer to counteract the redness, and then apply a second layer of concealer that matches your skin color perfectly. Avoid choosing a concealer that is lighter than your skin color because that will draw attention to the problem area. (via Cosmopolitan)

11. It’s in the Dab: Never rub concealer onto your blemish. Instead, twist the tip of a tiny brush onto the top of the blemish to make sure concealer gets in all the crevices. Then gently blend the edges with your ring finger — the weakest finger on your hand. (via allwomenstalk)

12. Distract: Now make sure to draw people’s attention as far away from your blemish as possible. Go for a big, bold eye or some jaw-dropping red lipstick to make you feel great about yourself, despite the little monster lurking under the concealer. (via Keiko Lynn)

What are your tricks for dealing with blemishes? Share your tips with us in the comments below!