It’s always tricky getting a gift for coworkers. There’s a balancing act between funny, cute, stylish and HR-appropriate. You want them to love their gift (because it’s a reflection on you, duh), but you also don’t want to spend a lot because, well… they aren’t your family or anything. Luckily we’ve searched high and low (and even through a couple filing cabinets or two) and found 25 of the best gifts for your office buddy for under $25. Pick up one of these presents and you’ll be renamed office baller on a budget.

1. Game of Phones ($20): Everyone can only play Cards Against Humanity so much at the office happy hour before the jokes get stale. Gift this super fun game to your kooky coworkers for your next offsite.

2. Quirky Gift Card ($10 – 25): Gift cards CAN be lame, but this one is by far the raddest they’ll get all year — plus it comes in that sweet box + pencil!

3. Sh*t List Notepad ($12): This notepad is guaranteed to motivate anyone who receives it. Pick it up for more than one coworker and you’ll most likely see productivity increase exponentially.

4. Faceted Cactus ($8): Make your coworker feel like they’re hangin’ in a Palm Springs resort with this (laser cut!!) tabletop cacti collection.

5. Foodie Dice ($24): Let your coworkers shake up the typical weeknight dinner by rolling these dice.

6. Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier ($13): You may need to get this hangover cure for all your officemates to avoid the dreaded Monday a little less.

7. #Thirsty Tumbler ($18): This insulated cup will make those trips to the water cooler even, well, cooler.

8. Initial Notebook ($10): A monogrammed Kate Spade notebook? We’ll take two.

9. Soy Candles ($11-$16): Get your office buddy one of these, available in a variety of unique scents, and you’ll never have to endure the stench of their leftovers again.

10. Sugar Scrub ($18): Prevent dry skin at the office with this gift. Just forewarn the recipient this is gonna be the communal scrub if they don’t remember to bring it home.

11. Truth Mug ($16): Just because the phrase on the mug isn’t true, doesn’t mean you don’t wish it everyday at 4:00 (okay, maybe 2:30).

12. Desktop Calendar ($16): Whoever gets this calendar will feel like royalty, even on casual Friday.

13. Daily Reminder Sticky Notes ($18): Give the forgetful coworker a gorgeous way to remember everything with this sticky note stack.

14. Hilarious Memoirs ($15-$16): The pop culture maven of the office will love these deeper looks into the lives of some of TV’s funniest personalities.

15. Tiny Succulent ($8): End the dull desk stares from your cubicle neighbor and present ’em with a floral upgrade.

16. Mint Dynamic Duo ($24): Give the gift of a color pop with this desk accessory combo.

17. Smart Business Card Holder ($20): The social butterfly of the workplace will need this business card holder. It sticks to the back of a smartphone — how subtle.

18. An E-Gift Card for an Engineer Print ($25): Present the art appreciator with an e-gift card for these totally cool prints that will brighten their home or cube wall.

19. Lip Balm Gift Set ($15): Who doesn’t complain about chapped lips throughout the winter (or all year)? Wrap this gift set up, just hope the lucky recipient doesn’t pucker up out of gratitude (umm, sexual harassment much?).

20. Minimergency Kits ($16-$25): Available for him or her, these jack-of-all-trades kits will help out your coworker in their time of need, whether that’s before a meeting pre-happy hour.

21. Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix ($14): This mix will thrill the baker in your office. Just insist they make them for the team to indulge in ;)

22. Hoodie Pillows ($20-$25): Everyone’s got that one coworker who takes a cat nap in the afternoon, right? Help out their neck from cramping with this comfy (and kinda stylish) plush. Just don’t let the boss catch them.

23. Chalkboard Wall ($24): Help everyone get a little stress out in the afternoon by picking up this wall decal ready for doodles.

24. Selfie Mirror ($12): Whoever gets gifted this mirror is gonna have some fun tricking everyone at the office by making them think they’re taking a makeup tutorial selfie.

25. Poketo Double Tip Pen Set ($15): Give your pen-loving office friend some pops of color with these double-sided pens.

What gift are you planning on getting your coworker? Let us know in the comments below.