Soon, it’ll seem like everyone and their great aunt Sally will flock to the beach for a getaway in the sun. While they’re sitting on the dock cracking crab legs, you’ll be at home catching up on your Amazon Prime shows and polishing off an ice cream sandwich. Don’t be sad! You can enjoy your staycation just as much by making your own crabby seafood feast at home! Scroll down and you’ll find 14 recipes from chowder to pizza that feature the shellfish as their main ingredient.


1. Bayou Crab Chowder: If you have no idea where to start when it comes to cooking with crab, it’s always safe to begin with Cajun flavors. This New Orleans-style chowder is an easy recipe to start you off and get you hooked. (via A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures)


2. Crab and Corn Stuffed Shells: Crab and sweet corn are a fabulous flavor pair. On your next date night, prepare these stuffed shells and your sweetheart will think you ordered takeout from your favorite seafood restaurant. (via A Salad for All Seasons)


3. Crab Mac and Cheese: Forget about lobster mac and cheese. This more affordable option tastes *just* as luxe for a fraction of the cost. (via The Fare Sage)


4. Crab Rangoon Pizza: Combine your Chinese appetizer of choice with pizza and you may never be tempted to order takeout again. Crispy wontons, sweet chili sauce, and tender crab meat make this recipe one to remember. (via Baking Beauty)


5. Crab Stuffed Chicken Breast: If you’re tired of the same old baked chicken week after week, this crabby version will give you hope. Serve with a side of creamy pasta and greens to finish off the meal. (via Fed and Fit)


6. Crab Stuffed Peppers With Lemon-Basil Butter: These aren’t your average stuffed peppers. Spicy serranos are filled with creamy lump crab and goat cheese, then broiled to absolute perfection. You can serve these as a light dinner or a quick and easy appetizer. (via Chili Pepper Madness)


7. Buttery Maryland Crab Pie: Infuse the seaside flavors of New England into your average weeknight dinner with this comforting crab bake. Just be prepared for it to replace your usual chicken pot pie. (via A Bite of Inspiration)


8. Furikake Crab Bowl: If you’re not familiar with furikake, it’s a phenomenal seasoning comprised of sesame seeds, sea salt, and seaweed. Sprinkle it on top of a salad made with crab, rice, avocado, and cucumber for the most drool-worthy lunch of life. (via Fed and Fit)


9. Penne With Fennel and Crab Ragu: You may think that the strong flavor of fennel would overpower the delicate taste of crab in this dish. Quite the contrary, the two flawlessly enhance each other to create the most delicious ragu you’ll experience. (via What to Cook Today)


10. Crab Cake Stacks With Poached Eggs, Avocado, and Tartar Sauce Drizzle: We couldn’t let you get away without a *classic* recipe. Transition this one from dinner to brunch with sliced avocado and a poached egg. (via Yes to Yolks)


11. Maryland Crab Soup: Maryland is known for its quality crab, so when a recipe features it, you take note. This hearty bowl is brimming with veggies, potatoes, and beans to help support the main ingredient. (via Little Broken)


12. Mangalore-Style Crab Sukka: If you want to take your crab cooking to the next level, live crab is the way to go. Visit a good fish market and bring a few home to make this globally inspired sukka. (via Foodie N Fabulous)


13. Crab and Avocado Summer Rolls: Thank goodness you’re never too old to play with your food! Use rice wrappers to roll up avocado, carrots, cucumber, and crab for a fast and fun lunch or dinner. (via Savory Tooth)


14. California Roll Sushi Bowl: When you’re craving a classic California roll but don’t want to shell out tons of cash at your favorite sushi restaurant, this is sure to do it for you. Finish the bowl off with a drizzle of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. (via Wonky Wonderful)

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