Tokyo is known for its plethora of unique novelty desserts, and the latest trend to come from the city is about to *blow up* your Instagram feed. It’s called creme de la corn, and it’s basically corn on the cob with soft-serve ice cream on top. The result is mind-blowingly sweet and delicious. Unsurprisingly, people are flocking to Dominique Ansel bakery’s Tokyo location to scoop one up. Here’s some of our favorite inspo.

1. Creme de la Corn: The dessert’s corn on the cop is glazed with soy sauce and butter. To top things off, the ice cream served on top is a deliciously sweet caramel cream with bits of corn added in.

2. Hot and Cold: The corn is served slightly charred, making for a delicious juxtaposition with the sweet, cold caramel ice cream on top.

3. Corn and Watermelon: Dominique Ansel also serves up other insanely delish creations, like a watermelon ice cream sandwich. After you’ve tried these summery foods with ice cream on top, plain old corn and watermelon will never be the same.

4. Frozen S’mores: Yes, indeed, another fantastic pairing for Creme de la Corn: a frozen s’more on a stick.

5. DIY Ice Cream Corn: Not anywhere near Tokyo? Try making your own concoction by adding ice cream on top of your corn on the cob this summer.

6. The Real Thing: Of course, if you ARE in Tokyo and want to grab the real deal, it’ll only cost you 1,000 yen, or about $9.

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