What will you be doing in 30 years? I picture myself floating on my inflatable pool chaise lounge, outside the mansion my novel money built, surrounded by hunky man servants who will send drones to me at intervals carrying burritos and fresh champagne.

Whatever your dream is in 30 years, this company bets you’ll be wearing the same sweatshirt. Their sweatshirt.


Entrepreneur Tom Cridland teamed up with Portuguese craftsmen to make a sweatshirt so durable it is guaranteed to last 30 years. Cridland was fed up with clothes wearing out so quickly. “A lot of big fashion brands make their clothing knowing that it will fall apart, so that their customers will have to return to buy more,” he says. “It’s called built-in obsolescence, and it creates a cycle of consumption and waste that’s become all too common these days.” Cridland decided to make a longer-lasting sweatshirt with organic materials and special reinforced stitching and fund it on Kickstarter.


The sweatshirt is unisex and comes in five colors. Its price tag is a little gulpworthy at 85 bucks, but when you consider the longevity of the product it kind of evens out.

As far as we’re concerned, sweatshirts never go out of style, so this is a good investment that you could even add your own personal touch to (um, hello new jacket when you get sick of that sweatshirt!).

What item of clothing could you wear for 30 years? Tell us or share a pic in the comments.