Regular readers know how obsessed we are with crowdfunding projects. We round 鈥檈m up twice a month, usually around a specific theme. This time around we鈥檙e getting a little wild: no theme, just the best of the best. In this list, there鈥檚 everything from kitchen gadgets you wish you had to a 3D printer that could change the entire fashion industry and even a subscription聽lunch service on a mission to end sad desk meals聽for good. It just goes to show you that the ways to be creative are vast and tireless, and we鈥檒l never ever get sick of it.


1. Dog Collar That Keeps Dogs Active: This 鈥渟mart鈥 collar for dogs tracks their activity level and the amount of calories burned. The goal is for owners to have the information they need to make sure their pet is healthy. It also makes it easy for pet owners to track this vital information so they can share it with their pet鈥檚 vet. Just like the fitness trackers聽us adults are fawning over these days, the collar allows pet owners to set short and long-term goals. Hey, wouldn鈥檛 it be cool if you could sync it to your smartphone or smartwatch so you and your pet could stay fit together? Maybe for the upgrade.


2. A 鈥淕reen鈥 Electric Tea Kettle: Okay聽tea enthusiasts, this one鈥檚 for you. The Miito is a portable burner that heats the liquid directly, cutting down on the amount of energy used. A bonus to warming the water directly is that it鈥檚 also faster, so you can enjoy your steaming cuppa tea even sooner. How it works? The user fills the vessel with the amount of water they want warmed, puts it on the 鈥渂urner鈥 and sticks the heating rod in it. Not a tea drinker? It works for anything you want to heat up, like soup or hot chocolate.


3. Magnetic Tablet Stand: Not only is this little gadget a portable stand for your tablet, but it also tidies up any electronic cables, like your USB cord or headphones. Also, because it鈥檚 magnetic, you can stick it on your fridge or anything metal. It is even strong enough to hold your phone. The masterminds behind this project really solved several annoyances of modern living all with something that鈥檚 shorter than your index finger.


4. Crazy Fast Battery Charger: This invention, known as the Bolt2,聽is small, but it packs a lot of power. Boasting two USB ports so you can charge your phone and computer at the same time, it charges electronics four times faster than any聽USB port on the market right now. It charges when connected to any outlet and you can just throw it in your purse and use it whenever your phone, laptop or tablet is running out of juice. No wonder 2,000 people have already backed it.


5. Independent Pediatrician in Nepal: When聽pediatrician Suraj Raman saw the news of the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, he knew he had to do something to help. Using his own money, he booked a flight to India, risking his life to help others. Since he is working independently, he is trying to raise money to get the survivors the medical supplies and medicines they need. Helping his cause will truly save lives.


6. A Trashcan That Vacuums: Another invention that has the potential to make our kitchens 鈥渟marter鈥 (if funded) is this genius trashcan that sucks up grime. We know we aren鈥檛 the only ones whose kitchen floor is a magnet for crumbs, dust and cat hair.聽This trashcan/vacuum allows people to actually sweep the grime right into a small opening at its base, no lifting, pouring or spilling required. This cleaning can also has an app (yes, really), so you can set up reminders for when you need to take out the garbage聽or order new trash bags.


7. Documentary Exposing聽Cruelty of Bull Fighting: Independent filmmaker Miguel Angel Rolland鈥檚 documentary Santa Fiesta exposes the vast animal cruelty that takes place during bull fights and religious ceremonies in Spain. He calls it a genocide, siting that 60,000 animals die each year from the 鈥渃elebrations.鈥 Here in the States, it can be easy to turn a blind eye and ignore the problem, but this film has potential to spark real change.


8. 3D Fabric Printer: Even if you鈥檙e not as 3D printing-obsessed as we may be (guilty), this聽innovation is huge for 聽aspiring fashion designers,聽clothing wear-ers聽and, um, everyone else.聽We鈥檝e been covering聽Electroloom,聽the world鈥檚 first fabric printer, since it was just a dream some cool guys had聽鈥 and are pretty stoked to see it up and running on Kickstarter.聽Basically, the designer does everything digitally in CAD or Illustrator and puts the mold in the machine, and out comes the finished product. Right now, the printer is quite large and reminiscent of early computers that took up almost a whole room. But considering how small computers are now, we鈥檙e excited to see how this 3D printer will continue to evolve.


9. Subscription Lunch Boxes: If you鈥檙e like most people, lunchtime is gulping down a sad sandwich or salad you brought from home while sitting in front of your computer. But the forces behind Cozy Feast want the masses to know it doesn鈥檛 have to be that way. They聽are looking for seed money to create a subscription service of hand-crafted meals delivered right to customers鈥 offices. Located in the Washington, D.C. area, they want the food to be locally sourced, healthy and affordable.

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