In 2016, the modern bride wants one thing and one thing only: options (okay, so maybe that’s technically more than one thing). She wants to thoroughly scope out the wedding dress situation before committing to one. She wants to browse different vendors online (and figure out how much to tip wedding vendors) for hours before creating a custom menu, so why would she behave any different when it comes to deciding on a personalized wedding band? With a customizable element woven into almost everything in our lives today, the days of a simple, solid wedding band are numbered. Their replacement? Stackable rings that can accompany your engagement ring or be worn on their own.

The stackable ring trend has been budding for some time now but seems to have reached peak popularity over the course of the last year. Recently wed Whitney Port revealed to People that she opted for this customizable alternative. She told the magazine “I was lucky enough that I was able to design three of them [wedding rings] — one that was bigger that I could wear on its own, and the other two that I could wear on either side of the engagement ring.”

This idea that you can wear your wedding bands with or without your engagement ring is what seems to be the trend’s biggest draw. Celebrity jewelry designer Isaac Gurary tells Glamour, “More and more women are wearing their wedding bands as every day, standalone pieces and wearing the engagement ring on the right hand. Stackable rings are versatile and work for that.”

If you’re looking to add a little bit of color into the mix, stacked rings are also a great option to add a pop. Rock a band with a speck of emerald or opal for a burst of color and then swap them for one of your simpler bands for a more classic look. Great. Now that we’ve got our ring situation sorted, we just need to find a fiancé.

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(Photos via @catbirdnyc, @annasheffield)