If you’re the kind of person who’s dying to become a nature photographer or name your son Birch, we’re willing to bet you and your S.O. probably love the great outdoors. And since it’s summer AND the National Park Service’s centennial, there’s never been a better time to make like Tarzan and Jane and swing from vines together (or, you know, just head to a bike trail.) We’ve whipped up nine outdoorsy dates to help you find your next adventure.

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1. Bike somewhere new. Biking is one thing, but opting for a new bike trail that you’ve never been on before will give you a chance to indulge your adventurous side. Who knows what you might find?

2. Kayak. If you’re near a body of water, rent a two-person kayak and test your teamwork and survival skills with your boo.

3. Head to the zoo. Most urban areas have an outdoor zoo, which can act as a great escape to the wild if your time or budget renders real wildlife inaccessible.

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4. Grab a hammock. What’s better than a hammock? A hammock for two! Hunt down a huge hammock, find a forest (or a backyard) and get ready for the best nap ever.

5. See a movie or concert in the park. Get outside and be entertained at the same time. Most cities have movies or free concerts in the park, which are great options for spending time outside without leaving home. Add some wine and make it a summer picnic date.

6. Take a road trip. If you’re serious about getting outside, rent a camper van (or use your own) and head straight out into the great unknown.

7. Seek out a hilarious landmark. If you’ve ever driven down a highway, you’ve probably seen (but haven’t stopped at) one of America’s hilarious landmarks, like the World’s Largest Souvenir Travel plate in Illinois or the largest pecan in Missouri. Spend some time outside (and maybe take a break from that road trip) with a hysterical destination.

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8. Hike to an awesome destination. Map out a hike that takes you somewhere incredible, like a waterfall, mountain or somewhere unusual in your hometown. Having a goal together will incentivize and motivate you, and you’ll get the bonus of a totally Instagram-worthy spot at the end of your trek.

9. Head to a botanical garden or conservatory. Many botanical gardens and conservatories are run by local and national parks services, making them a cheap and easy way to head outdoors while staying local.

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